Thanksgiving Card Messages

Thanksgiving Card Messages: Are you planning to send Thanksgiving Day cards to your loved ones? If yes, then know you have taken the right step to make your loved ones and friends feel special.

Today’s highlight is more on Thanksgiving Day Card Messages that can be sent to your family, friends, and loved ones. Our messages will help you express your gratitude to all the lovely people in your life. Be assured these messages have been compiled using the best expressions, tone, and language. As you read through you will not miss the right message to personalize and forward to your loved ones.

Below is a list of some of the wonderful Thanksgiving Day Card Messages.

Thanksgiving Card Messages

It is another lovely time of the year.
A time to look back at our lives.
And count the Lord’s blessing.
No doubt we cannot fully list all the blessings.
But we can be grateful for every one of them.
Have a lovely thanksgiving day!

Thanksgiving Message

It has come to another Thanksgiving Day.
One of our favorite days of the year.
A time to give thanks and count our blessings.
It finally hits our minds how blessed we are,
Let thanksgiving fill your heart this day.

Happy Thanksgiving Day to you!
I send this card with lots of love.
May this day unveil to you the abundant love of God.

Cheers to a blessed Thanksgiving Day to you!
It is not just the smell of freshly cooked turkey that linger in our mind,
But the fact that we are here to give our thanksgiving.
First to God, then to all the people who took the time to care
To me, I cannot forget to say thank you, for the sincere love you’ve shown me.
All the best

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Thanksgiving Day Card Messages

It is pleasing, to both God and humanity.
To see someone take the time to say; thank you.
A word so simple, yet so powerful,
This Thanksgiving Day,
Take time and give thanks.
Happy Thanksgiving Day

Thanksgiving Cards Messages

A heart full of gratitude,
Attracts the best in life,
On this day let your heart learn from the best opportunities.
Do not let the chance to say thank you pass.
Have a wonderful thanksgiving day.

It takes a humble heart to stop and say thank you.
On this day let’s all take time and show gratitude.
To everyone who touched our life.
Regardless of any circumstance.
And the love that binds us together will grow.
Wish you a blessed thanksgiving day.

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Thanksgiving Card Messages to Family

Dear Mum,
No words can predict the gratitude I have for you,
Nothing can measure the kind of love you have shown me,
I treasure every moment with you,
This thanksgiving day I will take time and travel,
To just come and be with you.
Cheers to a lovely thanksgiving day!

I never forget to give thanks to God.
For He gave me the best family in the world.
Our journey has been one faced with lots of challenges.
But through all this, you always gave a reason to smile.
Happy thanksgiving day to you my family, love you.

Happy Thanksgiving Day to you,
I will forever cherish you
May the Lord hear your prayers this day

Thanksgiving Card Messages to a friend

Special friends come into our lives when we least expect.
Sometimes we take their friendship for granted.
Only to later realized the blessing we take for a ride.
I may not have the right words to say to you,
But from the bottom of my heart.
I thank God for giving me the wonderful opportunity to know you.
Have a wonderful thanksgiving day!

Thanksgiving for Friends

I want to express my sincere appreciation.
For the confidence and loyalty, you have shown me.
I wish you a wonderful thanksgiving day.

Wish you a hopeful thanksgiving day.
One filled with hope and laughter from your loved one.

Let us not overlook the true meaning of this day.
It is a time to embrace those who enrich our hearts and lives.
A time to sincerely thank God for his favor in our lives.
Take time and give thanks.
May you have a memorable day!

Thanksgiving is all about Giving!
A season to share the out of abundance or the few things we have,
A season to be thoughtful to the less privileged,
Have a thoughtful Thanksgiving.

Religious Thanksgiving Card Messages

Let everything that has breath praise the Lord.
For He is good, not once has His love failed.
Surely as long as we live, He is the closest friend we will have.
Let all take that time to give our thanksgiving to Him.
Blessed day.

Many are blessed by the Lord,
But only a few remember to say thank you.
The majority takes His love and grace for granted.
This thanksgiving day,
Please take time and give Him the gratitude He deserves.

This Thanksgiving Day,
Take time to reach out to others.
Hold the hand of a lonely child.
Give to someone whom you won’t expect anything back.
Wipe the tears of a hurting soul.
And immeasurable love and joy will come back to you.
Happy thanksgiving day to you!

On this day,
Let’s believe that our prayers of thanksgiving will reach heaven.
Before God’s mercy seat,
That He will see the gratitude in us.
That He may pour down showers of blessing upon us.
Happy Thanksgiving Day to you!

Can we count all our blessings on this single day?
No time is enough to list all the good things God has given us.
But as a special gesture to Him,
Let’s put all aside and honor Him for being God.
Cheers to a happy day!

Nonprofit Thanksgiving Cards

May we always remember God’s greatness.
That every day of our walk will be full of thanksgiving.
Sing song praise every day.
Have a blessed Thanksgiving day to you.

The whole universe has a way of giving thanks to God.
Just like way the birds of air sing to Him.
May our hearts sing songs of praise and thanksgiving,
To Him who has given us this time.
Cheers to a blessed thank giving day!