Good Morning Prayer for Her

Good Morning Prayer for Her: Do you want to send a Good Morning Prayer to your Girlfriend or wife? Well, we have come up with a good number of these prayers that you can send to her to make her feel special and loved.

Good morning prayer can be an inspiration and they have a way of making someone feel cared for. Some of the good morning prayers include a short and sweet Good morning message for her.

Good Morning Prayer for Her

1. It is a wonderful morning to rejoice and be happy. Rise and do what you do best. The Lord is by your side, good morning blessings my love

2. Another 24 hours have been granted to us. Being alive is a blessing greater than any other. May God make this day prosperous.

good morning inspirational prayer for her

3. No matter the happiness of yesterday, time has passed. The grace of God has given you another time to re-write other beautiful moments. Have a good and blessed day.

4. Take a deep breath and thank God for giving you this day. I honestly ask our Father to shower you with His love and mercy. I believe you will find ways and take steps to fulfill your desires. In Jesus’ name, I believe, amen.

5. Take time and seek the goodness of God. Delight in Him and He will direct your ways. Good morning, God bless

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6. My morning blessings and prayers for you is that God will be the basis for your strength. May you find your rest in Him wherever you go. Amen.

7. Whatsoever battles you are facing at this moment may you learn to be still and let the Lord fight your battles. In Him, victory is assured. Amen

8. I have faith the blessing of God will be with you this day. His blessing adds no sorrow, so be assured you are safe in His arms. Good morning blessings my love

9. Arise my beautiful lady and shine. The grace of God is upon you. I believe you are meant to sail through greater heights and achieve the best. Just have faith and do your best. In God, nothing is impossible.

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Powerful Morning Prayer for Her

Good Morning Prayer for My Girlfriend

1. Lord, I come to you thanking you for giving me a wonderful girlfriend. By the power of your love, I request you to bless her according to your will, amen.

2. May you rise like an eagle and shine like the morning star through the favor granted to you by our God. Amen

3. Thank you, God, for giving us the perfect gift of life. Truly You created everything good. I will never cease to praise you. On this brand new morning may you bless Shanice, amen.

4. I hope as the day unfolds you will learn to be still and let the hand of God guide you. Let the splendor of his love be with you, amen.

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5. May God make a way for you even in places that seem to have dead ends. May every plan of the evil one fail, in Jesus’ name, amen.

6. Good morning beautiful, I ask God to give you the hope to inspire you to act boldly and achieve all your dreams.

Good Morning Prayer for My Girlfriend

7. On this warm summer morning, may God give you all the answers to your life questions. Amen.

8. As the Lord dresses the lilies of the field, may He also dress you with His love and mercy.

9. Our father in heaven never fails, let your mind and soul rely on His promises and you will never be put to shame, amen.

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Good Morning Prayer Message for Her

1. I commit all your plans to God. May His mighty hand bless the work of your hands. Amen

2. God is close to those who reach out to Him. As the day breaks, let your heart and mind be in tune with His word. Good morning.

Good Morning Prayer Text Message

3. My darling I pray that no bad scheme against you is going to be fulfilled. You are covered by the blood of Jesus, amen.

4. A simple prayer for my beautiful wife: I ask and believe for heaven’s favor upon you. Through the name of Jesus, you will be prosperous at all the good plans you have. In Jesus’ name, I trust. Amen

5. I trust you had a peaceful night. As you embark on your day-to-day schedule, I have confidence that this day will be special just like the way you are special to me.

6. Good morning babe, as the word of God says, may all things work together for your good. May you find the perfect rest in His word.

7. I have no perfect words to pray for you but I ask God to bless you as go out and come back. Amen.

8. Let the light of God sparkle on your path today.  As you get ready to face this day make bold steps knowing the enemy is defeated on your behalf. 

good morning blessings prayers

9. As you open your eyes this morning, may you see the opportunity that God has placed at your door. More so may you be a blessing to other people. Amen

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Good Morning Prayer for My Wife

1. Today, as you go about your daily undertakings, may the hand of God protect you from danger, and guide your life into better paths of life.

2. As the ray of sunshine warms your heart may the goodness of God bring you to a place filled with milk and honey.

Good Morning Prayer for My Wife

3. May this day be blessed for you. May your actions be fruitful. All the days of your life may you have enduring hope. Amen.

4. I wish you all the best my love, today may your heart sing the victory songs.

5. May you see the hand of God in everything you do.  May the favor of people be with you also. Amen,

6. A good wife comes from God, that is why I thank Him every day for blessing my life with you. I know in Him you will always blossom like a beautiful flower.

7. I have faith that our Lord Jesus will fulfill your soul with the bread of life. Because of Him, our table shall never lack the daily bread to feed our children.

8. May you be like the tree planted by the river, that you may produce good fruits in season and out of season. Good morning my love.

Morning Prayer for her

9. I pray for the best in your life, I believe it is the will of God to bless you with good health and a long fulfilled life, amen.

10. Today will be a blessed day for you, be hopeful and trust in God. As you seek Him first, may all the things you need be added to you, my lovely wife.

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Powerful Morning Prayer for Her

1. Our God is the Lion of the tribe of Judah. He makes all things happen at His perfect timing. I know He has great plans for your life. Good morning.

Powerful Morning Prayer Messages for Her

2. May all the host of heaven listen to your prayers this day, may you dwell in the secret place of the Most High God. Good morning.

3. Honey, believe that better days await you. Whatever promises He has in your life will be unveiled one day. You will be called blessed one among many.

4. Choose to trust in the Lord, although some may trust in their chariots, don’t let your faith waver. Be blessed.

5. As the Lord watches over all the sparrows may He also be with you. May His love lead you into green pastures.

6. Let the Lord be your comforter, May the shadow of life be overcome in His unending love. Amen.

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Christian Good Morning Prayer for Her

Morning Prayer for Girlfriend

1. Father thank you for giving me a girlfriend who believes in you. May you fulfill her heart’s desire.

2. Babe, may you live to accomplish your dreams in whatever years you have been blessed by God to live on this earth.

3. May God’s grace be with you that you may only set goals that you are meant to achieve.

4. I pray you will never be frustrated in your life. May God give you the persistence you need to become a winner.

5. May you think like the champion you are meant to become. Through the power of God may you achieve the impossible.

Sweet Good Morning Prayer for My Girlfriend

6. Babe, I pray you will put on a new attitude to start the day right. Let go of the past negative attitudes and believe in our Lord for a new beginning.

7. Let the Lord teach you to fully trust in Him. Be grateful for everything you have in your life.

8. With the Lord’s power may you focus on what is right other than what is wrong. Don’t use your strength to dwell on the negative. Be blessed.

9. This day is the day given to us for better things. Be the best that you will ever be. Do your best and shame the devil.

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Good Morning Prayer for My Love

1. Hello sweetheart, I pray that you will not allow anyone’s expectations to be your blindfold to your vision, but you will trust in God’s word to know your destiny.

2. Dear sweet girl, may God give you what you need and make you let go of what you think you want.

3. Another brand new day that I trust that in all the days of your life, you will make your walk with God an everyday experience.

4.Days in days out, never fear to choose by calling on the name of the Lord.

5. Good morning sweetheart! Find the joy of the Lord every morning, this life is short to live without Him.

6. At all times, never forget that you have a Father in heaven who is true and loving. Trust in Him always.

7. I pray you will not be afraid of anything, only fear starting the day without God.

good morning with prayer

8. May God give you the creativity needed to become a better person.

9. May your soul be revived into great faith. That the giants in your life will be defeated by one single stone of faith.

10. Live your life to the best, at all times may your physical life be successful as your prayer life.

11. Let God define you into what He made you to be, Let the confidence of God be the strength you be your only confidence.

12. In other people’s eyes, you may not have what it takes to be great, but through Christ, you will attain everything by His power. 

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Good Morning Prayer Wishes for her

1. Good morning lovely, choose not to start your day in a hurry and spend it in a hurry. Take every moment and listen to what God has to say over your life. Be blessed.

2. On this special day, I pray you will be able to mute all the noise around you and listen to God. May you hear God’s voice today.

3. Today is the day God has excellently made for a lovely person like you. I believe that you will find joy and gladness in it. Good morning Sweetheart.

Good Morning Prayer Wishes

4. Don’t be too busy to drown the voice of God in your life. I pray you will invest your time well. Blessed day to you my love.

5. No matter the kind of weather or the storm you go through, you are fearfully and wonderfully made. May eternal hope be with you.

6. May the Prince of Peace bring to you all the peace you need to deal with the challenges of this day. Good morning.

7. I wish you a successful day, never forget that true happiness only comes from doing the will of God in your life.

8. God is on your side every day; this means you are to have all the right attitude to face your day.

9. Babe, your destiny is in God’s hands. You are the person who God says you are. No other approval is necessary for you to achieve your dreams.

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Short Good Morning Prayer for Her

1. Good morning my dear, may you get your direction from the Lord. Don’t waste your day by focusing on the negative things.

2. As you prepare to start the day, believe your plans will shine.  As you seek in prayer, you’ll find.

3. I hope you will live by the will of God in your life.  He wants the best for you and is ready to open beautiful doors.

4. As you go out today, God’s goodness and mercy shall be unmistakable upon you. Let Him turn your mess into a beautiful message.

Good Morning Prayer Images for Her

5. Today is another day to see the gracious spirit of our Lord. He will go before and lead you into green pastures and cool waters. Delight in this day with all its goodness! Good Morning.

6. Good morning, my queen. From dawn to dusk may the hand of God be upon you. May He rewrite your story and give you the courage needed to see your divine destiny.

7. No matter what happens in your life, never forget a little hope can save a life. I pray you will wake up believing the best is yet to be. Good morning.

8. Good morning, I pray that God will send to you your morning dew of blessings, as you begin this new day. I love you.

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Conclusion: Good Morning Prayer for Her

Saying a secret prayer for your wife, girlfriend, sister, or female friend is important. That prayer could be more valuable than anything you could ever give them. If she is special she is worth praying for. In addition to the secret prayer you say on her behalf, you could send her the prayer you claim for her life. The above list of Good Morning Prayer for Her is a good way to help you get some tips on putting together the right word. These prayers combined with faith can do wonders.  God sees the intention of the heart and your prayer can have an impact on her life. Further, you can show her by your actions that you aspire for her to grow even in her spiritual walk or faith.