Short Love Notes for Her

Short Love Notes for Her: Most simply, short messages of love can play an important role in expressing your feelings for her. Your short love messages can be sent as text messages, on a romantic note reminding her of your love, or brief messages in her inbox. Whichever way you choose to send her a love message, be assured it will have an impact

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Short Love Notes for Her

I can longer hide my love for you. Each day you inspire me to love you more.

You are the angel in my dreams, I am glad to love you.

Your love is real; you have mended my heart to love you more.

Short Love Notes for Her

I can gladly declare to the world that I love you with all my heart.

Even in my dreams I always recall the beauty of sparkling eyes.

At last, the girl I always wished for has agreed to be mine, I promise to love you right.

You have conquered my heart with your love. I pray our love will overcome all to last forever.

You are the beautiful bird of my life, always beautiful and impressive to look at.

My love for you keeps my heart warm. I love everything about you.

You are the blooming lavender in life, I have every reason to be happy.

My love for you is more than desire, it is admiration and respect for the great girl you are.

True love is free and nothing can limit it. You are the love of my love.

In my eyes, you are the sparkle that lightens my life.

Loving you has proved to be a prudent course, I am loving every moment spend with you.

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Christian Short Love Notes for Her

You are my flower from heaven’s soil. Thanks for loving me.

You are the virtuous lady in my life, I love you so much.

God gave me the desires of my heart when He gave me you.

You are very beautiful both on the inside and on the outside. Thank God you are fearfully and wonderfully made

God bless you, my princess, you are the biggest blessing in my life.

I will not lie and tell you that you are the air that I breathe, but I will sincerely say you add more life to the life I live. I thank God for you.

Every time I count the blessing in my life, I count you twice. Love you

God knew I needed a lady like you to maintain the sanity in my life.

Short Love Messages for Her

Your eyes control my every move, my love, I see our future together.

On your happiest days, I find my joy, I am always delighted to see you happy!

I will take care of you, and guard your love in my heart, so that I may never hurt you in any way.

Open your heart and be glad. You have my endless love.

You know how to pass on the perfect love from your heart. I am grateful to have you.

No joy can compare to the sweet moments we share.

You are the twinkling star in my life. The girl with the lovely smile.

Your name is sweet but for me, I will always call you my sweetheart.

Each one of us has a story of our first love, for me, I have you to tell about. Love you, my love.

I can’t lie I am deeply in love with you. Each day I long to love.

My heart is long for you. No amount of words can be enough to tell you how much I love you.

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Short Love Messages for Wife

I am contented that you are the perfect soul mate I always searched for.

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Having a sweet girl like you leaves me so hopeful that our future will be bright.

You are the girl I always cherished and now you are the wife I will always love.

In my heart and soul, there is a true commitment to always love you.

From the day I saw you, I never imagined spending my life with any other person. You will always be the best choice in my life.

You have made me become a better person although you are my weakness.

Seeing your smile brightens my day, I love you, honey.

In my world, I know there is no better lady than you. If in eternity, I will have a chance to choose I will still choose you.

My life was reborn again the day I met you. I love you so much, love!

Having you in my life is more than winning a goldmine. I cannot calculate the value you add to my life, it is priceless!

My dear wife, our marriage is meaningful and beautiful because of you. You are such a gem.

Short Love Messages for Girlfriend

Darling you the perfect inspiration in my life.

You are the girl I would give my all just to be with you.

I always search for the best ways to show you my undying love for you.

I would run 1000 miles just to be with you.

You are the jovial lady in my life, I will never let you go.

My heart has a special place for you.

The love we share has made me a better person.

You complete my life in the best way I have ever known. I will love till I have no breath in me.

Before you came into my life I knew little about true happiness. Thanks for showing me how to celebrate life

One thing I am sure I need in all seasons and days of my life: You 

Short Messages of Love for Her

You are the biggest motivation in my life.

Spending my time with you is always thrilling and fulfilling.

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Please always smile more, your melt my heart with your smiles.

My life is now full of good memories because of you.

Life has many twists and turns but as long as we are together I don’t care where it takes us.

Even though I love you, I will continue to learn better ways to love you!

The little things you do for me are what make my life enjoyable. Thanks so much.

Even when it is dark the best thing we can hold on to is each other.

Your happiness is my priority, hope nothing will take away your happiness.

I need you to like the way a phone needs its charge to recharge it.

Holding your hands is the simplest but the most romantic thing will always enjoy.

To me, you are my world, I love you with all my heart.

I am lucky to find the one who both my heart and soul long for.

Even when you don’t say a word to me, the sight of you in front of me gives me enough joy.

Conclusion: Short Love Notes for Her

At any time of the day, your girlfriend or your wife will appreciate a short romantic message that is meant to show her your love. If you have a busy schedule that you may not be able to find time to write a long romantic message, you can simply text her one of the above short messages.  As a boyfriend or husband, you have no excuse for not expressing your love for her. Be creative in your way and your marriage or relationship will become better. All the best as you send her short love messages.