Farewell Message to Outgoing Pastor

Farewell Message to Outgoing Pastor: Several reasons can make a pastor leave the church he is currently serving. Reasons such as transfer, opening of another church branch, retirement, or involvement in another department. If your pastor is leaving, in this article we have looked at the best farewell messages you can send to him/her.

Farewell Message to Outgoing Pastor

1. Pastor, the time you spent with us was worth it. Although we hope to have you for a long time, life has opened another opportunity for you to leave. We will miss you.

2. Pastor, as you step into a new chapter in your life, I pray you will be blessed with renewed strength to do God’s work.

3. This farewell message is to encourage you and let you know we loved having you as a spiritual leader. May God be with you.

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what to say to a pastor who is leaving

4. The true dedication you have toward the Lord’s work makes you an outstanding pastor. May the Lord bless you and keep you till you achieve all the purposes of your life.

5. As you take a different route in your life, I pray the Lord will grant you the desire of heart and make you a great man for His services.

6. Pastor, it has been a blessing to have you as one of the members of our church community. Thank you for the care and love you showed us.

7. Dear pastor, as I send you this farewell message, kindly know I am grateful for all the support you have shown our community.

8. Over the years you have served us with humbleness and lots of compassion, we are so grateful for doing God’s work with sincere love. Goodbye, pastor.

9. The good work you did among us is appreciated. May your work in the ministry continue to shine for God’s glory.

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Farewell Message to A Priest On Transfer

1. You are an exceptional priest who always shows what it means to do God’s work in humility and devotion. May the favor of God be with you.

2. As the Lord orders your steps into another direction of your life, I wish you nothing but the best. Goodbye and be blessed

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3. Just because you getting transferred means you can still call this church your second home. You are always welcome.

4. As you leave for transfer, my prayers are that the Lord will reward your good work, in present times and the future. Bye bye.

5. Feel appreciated for the many years of services you have committed to this church. It is with no doubt that you will be greatly missed. May God bless all the plans you have for Him. Good bye

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6. We have been fortunate and blessed to have a priest like you. We celebrate you as you go for your transfer.

7. Your great lesson will forever impact our lives. Thank you for being a priest who looks after the people of God in a distinct way. Bye and be forever blessed

8. Life comes with change and different opportunities. As you embark in another direction I pray that all plans will work out well. Cheers to more service for God

9. You have planted seeds that I believe will grow to maturity in our lives. Thank you for giving your time in service for God’s work. All the best.

Short Farewell Message to a Pastor

“Dear Pastor, as you start and take another journey in your life, we want to express our appreciation for the endless  guidance, support and inspiration you added in our lives. Your mentorship and leadership has made a lasting impact in the church and we will miss you. May your new path be filled with blessings . Farewell and God bless you.”

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Farewell Message to Pastor

“Dear Pastor, since you joined our church we have been blessed by your kindness, compassion, and love. Your encouragement, rebuke, and inspiration have transformed our lives in one way or another. Your departure truly brings some mixed reactions but we are glad you have another opportunity to share the good news in a different setup. As you leave keep in mind that you are always welcome to share with us the good news. May the hand of God lead you and may He open the best opportunities for you to glorify His name. Goodbye, our dear pastor.”

farewell note to pastor leaving

Farewell Messages to Church Members

1. Dear Church member, I want to take this opportunity to express my gratitude for the warm support and common purpose you have for each member. As I leave, I am glad I had an opportunity to fellowship with you. Best wishes to you all.

2. As I write this farewell message, I am overwhelmed by the love and kindness I got from this church. I will forever remember you, hope we will meet and fellowship again. Goodbye

3. As I send you my sincere appreciation, I have mixed feelings for this church has been of great help in my spiritual life. You have helped grow my relationship with God and my faith is stronger. Although will be separated, I pray the Lord will continue to guide us as we aim to run the race till the end. May God bless you, goodbye.

4. Thank you for nurturing me and assisting me to utilize my gifts in service of the Lord. I hope we shall continue to pray for one another. It’s my prayer we will soon meet again but if not, may heaven be our home. Be blessed.

Conclusion: Farewell Message to Outgoing Pastor

As you write a farewell message to our outgoing pastor or priest keep in mind to have an official message. The message may be personalized but the important thing is to use respectable words and tone. Remember the Pastor or priest represents the church which is the Holy place of worship.