Bible Verses About Trials and Struggles

Bible Verses About Trials and Struggles

Bible Verses About Trials and Struggles: What does the Bible say about trial and suffering? Are Christians supposed to undergo trials and life struggles? Well, the Bible is clear about suffering in life. Several people suffered in the bible including Jesus, Paul, John the Baptist, Stephen, and many others. Below are Bible Verses that light … Read more

Psalm About Angels

Psalm About Angels’ Protection

Psalm About Angels: In the Bible, there are many instances where we see Angels. Angels are spirit beings and often they act as God’s messengers. For example, we see Lot being rescued by two angels just before Sodom and Gomorrah were destroyed. Angel delivers the news of the birth of Jesus by the virgin Mary. … Read more

Morning Scriptures Devotional

Morning Scriptures Devotional: It is good to start your day with encouraging good morning verses. If you aim to start your day with Bible verses, your Christian walk with God will be more meaningful. Having a busy schedule may require you to spare time for your morning devotion. For your morning devotional, there are several … Read more