Biblical Questions to Ask Your Pastor

Biblical Questions to Ask Your Pastor: As you get more understanding of God’s word several questions may come up in your mind that you may consider asking your pastor.  Below are questions for a pastor if you want to have a better understanding of the bible and Christian life in general.

Biblical Questions to Ask Your Pastor

1. What does the Bible say about the blasphemy of the Holy Spirit?

2. What is the meaning of Abomination of Desolate?

3. Was the Sabbath day changed from Saturday to Sunday?

4. How did Paul die?

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5. According to the present-day map of the world can we be able to know where the Garden of Eden was located?

6. How are we to pray according to the Scriptures?

7. What is the meaning of 666 in the Book of Revelation?

8. How do we know if our prayers are answered?

9. Other than reading the Bible in what other way does God speak to us?

10. How can I deepen my understanding of Scripture and apply it to my daily life?

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11. What is the best way to read the Bible and understand it?

12. Is it biblical for people to date before they get married?

13. What biblical principles can guide me through dating life?

14. Should Christians participate in cultural events that seem to involve the shedding of blood?

15. What determines the longevity of humans?

16. What happened to Cain?

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Questions to Ask Your Pastor About The Bible

1. Do you think Judas Iscariot will be in Heaven?

2. Who do you think will be the two witnesses as illustrated in the book of Revelation?

3. Do you think people who worship on Sunday are biblically wrong?

4. How do I develop a stronger prayer life based on biblical teachings?

5. What does the Bible teach about forgiveness and reconciliation?

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6. Why was David considered a man after God’s own heart even when He committed sins like any other person?

7. According to Bible prophecy, where do you think the Anti-Christ will come from?

8. In what instance should a Christian fast?

9. Why are fewer women mentioned in the Bible?

10. How can I effectively share my faith with others, in line with biblical teachings?

11. Can you explain the significance of giving first fruits and its relevance today?

12. How can I discern God’s will for my life according to biblical principles?

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Theological Questions to Ask a Pastor

1. What is your understanding of the nature of God, and how should it influence our lives?

2. How do you interpret the concept of salvation, and what role does faith play in it?

3. Explain the doctrine of the Trinity and its importance in Christian theology.

4. Is baptism and communion important in a Christian faith?

5. What is your view on the authority of Scripture?

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6. How do you reconcile the existence of suffering and evil with the belief in a loving and all-powerful God?

7. What is your comment on the doctrine of predestination, and free will? Do they relate?

8. Does the Church have its specific role in the world?

9. How do you understand the concept of eschatology, including the end times, resurrection, and judgment?

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Conclusion: Biblical Questions to Ask Your Pastor

The above questions will help you have a better perspective of your Christian life and also challenge you to carefully read the bible.