Bible Icebreaker Questions

Bible Icebreaker Questions: Are you searching for the best ice breaker questions to use in a Christian setup? Having the right ice breaker questions can help you start conversations in a simple way. We have come up with Biblical ice breaker questions that can help you out when dealing with a new group of people, either in church or in a religious meeting.

Bible Icebreaker Questions

1. Which story in the Old Testament is the most intriguing to you and the lesson you learn from it?

2. How can Christians recognize a false prophet?

3. Which prophet in the Bible do you admire most? Why?

4. In the book of Judges, which judge do you find their story interesting?

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Bible Study Icebreaker Questions

5. Is the Old Testament applicable in our modern-day life?

6. Your favorite verse in the book of Proverbs?

7. Between Peter and Paul whom do you admire more?

8. What is your most captivating miracle done by Jesus and the lesson do you learn from it?

9. Do miracles still happen as they did in the early church?

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Bible Study Icebreaker Questions

1. What motivates you to come to a bible study?

2. The biggest lesson you have learned from attending a Bible study.

3. Your most preferred Bible version, give reasons.

4. Have ever been able to read the whole Bible?

5. Can you remember the first bible verse you memorized?

6. Is bible study important?

7. Which Bible character have you ever studied?

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Christian Icebreaker Questions for Adults

1. Which is your best Bible verse both in the New and Old Testaments and why?

2. What is your best experience as a Christian?

3. Which gift of the Holy Spirit would you like to have? Give reasons.

4. When did you come to know Jesus as your savior and how can you describe the walk with Him?

5. Which ministry in Church do you prefer to serve in and why?

6. Which part of the world would you like to go to for a mission?

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7. Your favorite book in the Bible, and why do you prefer it?

8. Your favorite Christian book and what biggest lesson you have learned from it?

9. Your outstanding worship song and why?

10. Who is your most admired character in the Bible and the reasons do you like them?

11. How would you improve your prayer life?

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Faith Based Ice Breaker Questions

1. Do you prefer a bible app or a physical Bible, why?

2. Which story inspires you in the Bible?

3. Should Christians tithe? Give reasons.

4. Best way to live a life as a Christian?

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5. Can politicians become good Christian leaders?

6. Should backsliders be removed from Church record books?

7. Is it okay for Christians to confess their sins to a priest, why?

8. Do you believe in purgatory, why?

9. What is the best way to deal with the needy people in the Church?

10. Should tithe be the only form of giving in church?

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Ice Breaker Questions for Christian Women’s Group

1. Lesson that every woman should learn Proverbs 31 women?

2. In what ways can women come together and impact society in a godly way?

3. In what ways have you seen the faithfulness of God in your life?

4. According to you, who are some of the most influential women in the Bible?

5. Which is your favorite parable of Jesus?

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6. Why do you think Moses was considered the meekest man on earth?

7. Name the most spiritual goal you want to achieve.

8. How can one hear the voice of God?

9. Should women be in leadership?

10. How has prayer changed your life?

11. Is fasting important for Christians?

12. What lessons can ladies learn from Abigail?

13. How do you balance work, family time, and spiritual growth?

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Icebreaker Questions for Youth Ministry

1. How can a Christian youth enjoy life in a godly manner?

2. What challenges face Christian youths?

3. Should a Christian life be boring?

4. Which biblical site would you like to visit? Why?

5. How would you identify a false prophet?

6. Is the mode of dressing important when attending Church?

7. Should Christians have tattoos?

8. Who is your favorite young character in the Bible? Why?

9. What is more important, character or success?

10. What do you look for when you want to have a mentor?

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Conclusion: Bible Icebreaker Questions

The first meeting in the church can be a bit cold. To break the ice, you can use the above questions to create meaningful interactions.