Bible Quiz Questions and Answers for Kids

Bible Quiz Questions and Answers for Kids: Are you looking for an interesting and fun way to teach the bible to kids? Bible Quiz is one of the best ways to study the bible. It can further assist you to assess how much the children know. Below bible trivia questions have been developed while considering the learning ability of children. To an adult, the questions may look easy but to the child, some may be challenging more so if they are very young.

It is important to ask these Bible quizzes once you have covered a certain chapter or topic in the Bible. All the best as you assist children to learn the Bible.

Bible Quiz Questions and Answers for Kids

  1. What is the first word in the Bible?

In the beginning

Bible Trivia for Children

  1. What is the last word in Bible?


  1. On the 6th day God created what?

Animals of the field and Man

  1. How many days did God take to create the world?


  1. Who was the first man to be killed in the Bible?


  1. Who deceived Eve in the garden of Eden?

The devil in form of a Serpent

  1. Who is the first person to be born through a woman?


  1. On which day did God rest?

7th day

  1. Who build the Ark?


  1. How many pairs of each animal were to get into the Ark?

One pair {male and female}

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  1. Who closed the door for the ark, just before the floods started?


  1. What sign did God give Noah to indicated He would never wipe out the whole earth with floods?


  1. How many people were in the ark?


  1. The wife of Isaac was called?


  1. The brother of Rebekka was called?


  1. For how many years did Jacob work for Laban so he could marry Rachel

14 years

  1. Sodom and Gomorrah were destroyed by?


  1. Lots wife turned into a pillar of ———— when she looked back

Pillar of salt

  1. How many Angels led Lot from Sodom and Gomorrah?

2 Angels

  1. Abraham was called by God to leave which place?


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  1. How many brothers did Abraham have?


  1. The father of Abraham was known as?


  1. Abraham got Isaac when he was at what age?

100 years

  1. Hagar child with Abraham was called?


  1. How many children did Racheal have?


  1. How many sons did Leah have?


  1. Who were the oldest and the youngest sons of Jacob?



Bible Quiz for Kids 

  1. Moses’ parents were?

Jochebed and Amram

  1. Aaron had how many children?


  1. To be saved from the Egyptians, Moses was put in which river?


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  1. Moses’s wife was known as?


  1. Zipporah was from?


  1. Moses’s father in law was called?


  1. Who killed Goliath?


  1. Who was the first King of Israel?


  1. Saul’s son ————- was David best friend


  1. Why Saul was rejected by God?

He disobeyed God

  1. Which is the first commandment?

You shall have no other God before me

  1. Moses was given 10 commandments on which mountain?

Mount Sinai

  1. Which is the last plague that made Pharaoh to let the Israelites go?

The death of every first born male

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  1. What kept the angel of death from entering the Israelites house?

The blood on the doorpost

  1. After the death of Moses who led the children of Israel?


  1. The Israelites stayed in the desert for how many years?

40 year

  1. In the bible the Israelites had how many tribes?


  1. Who shaved Samson’s hair?


  1. How many times did God call Samuel?

4 times

  1. In the house of God, Samuel stayed with which priest?


  1. In the desert the Israelites ate what?


  1. Who was the wisest person in the Bible?


  1. How many wives and concubines did Solomon have?

700 wives and 300 concubines

  1. In the desert how many times did the devil tempt Jesus?


  1. Who was John the Baptist’s mother and father

Elizabeth and Zechariah

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  1. Jesus had how many disciples


  1. After the death of Judas, who replaced him?


  1. Jesus was betrayed for how pieces of silver?

30 pieces of silver

  1. Who called Saul on his way to Damascus?


  1. Saul was both a Jew and a ————-?


Hard Bible Questions and Answers for Kids

  1. Name two people raised from the death by Jesus

Lazarus and Jairus’ daughter

  1. King Ahab killed———- to have his vineyard


  1. Ahab wife was known as?


  1. Who was the youngest King in Israel?


  1. Who had to deep in river Jordan 7 times to get healed from leprosy?


Easy Bible Trivia for Kids

  1. How many commandments are there?


  1. In Noah’s time, God destroyed the earth through the?


  1. When Abraham wanted to sacrifice Isaac, God gave him __________ instead

A lamb

  1. Daniel was thrown in a den of ____________


  1. Jesus was crucified on a ___________


  1. Who taught the disciples the Lord’s prayer?

Jesus Christ

  1. Who climbed the sycamore tree to see Jesus?


  1. Jesus is coming again.

True or false

  1. Jesus was baptized at which river?


  1. Which is the first book in the new testament?


  1. Which disciple walked on water but started to sink when he doubted?


  1. Jesus promised to send us ___________ to be our helper

Holy spirit

  1. Which is the only commandment with a promise

Obey your father and Mother

Children’s Bible Trivia Questions with Answers

  1. On which day of the week did Jesus die?


  1. Name two people who wrote the Bible?

Moses, David, Solomon, Paul, Isaiah, Jeremiah, and others

  1. Which prophet prayed for fire to come from heaven and consumed the sacrifice offered to Him?


  1. While in heaven Satan was known as?


  1. Which Angel announced the birth of Jesus?

Angel Gabriel

  1. We should ______________our enemies.

Love or ignore

  1. According to the Bible, how many days in a week should we rest?

1 day

  1. Jesus was denied by Peter how many times?

3 times

  1. How many thieves were crucified next to Jesus?


  1. Jesus was a friend of ______?

Rich people or Sinners

  1. When Jesus was baptized, the Holy spirit descended in form A _____?


  1. Name two books in the Bible written by Moses?

Genesis and Exodus

  1. Which man lost everything he had after being tried by Satan?


Conclusion: Bible Quiz Questions and Answers for Kids

The above Bible Quiz Questions and Answers for Kids have covered most common books in the old and new testament. They are appropriate for kids who are younger since most are easy and cover what they learn in Sunday school or sabbath school.