Funny Bible Trivia Questions and Answers

Funny Bible Trivia Questions and Answers: There are interesting stories and characters in the Bible. In this article, we have looked at fun bible questions that will add a smile to your face.

Funny Bible Trivia Questions and Answers

1. What kind of man was Boaz before he got married?

Answer: Ruth-less

2. In the Garden of Eden, what did Adam and Eve wear?


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3. Who was the first comedian mentioned in the Bible?

Noah – he told people they were going on a cruise and they all laughed until it started raining!

4. What did David use to slay Goliath?

A smooth stone. Remember, size doesn’t matter, it’s all about precision!

5. How did Samson lose his strength?

He told Delilah a secret haircut appointment.

6. What was the first miracle Jesus performed?

Turning water into wine. Talk about making a party interesting!

7. Which animal talked in the Bible?


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Funny Bible Trivia Questions

1. Why did Zacchaeus climb the sycamore tree?

Because he was very short and wanted to see Jesus.

2. Who is the man who was hanged in the gallows he built?


3. Why did Sarah laugh when She heard the Angels tell Abraham who would have a child?

Because she thought she is too old to bear children

4. Among the plagues in Egypt which one scared Pharaoh the most, that he let the Israelites to go?

Death of firstborn son

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5. What is the name of the Judge who was so fat that when stabbed with a dagger the fat closed over the blade?

Eglon King of Moab

6. Which idol fell to the ground when the ark of the Lord was brought its temple


7. Who is the best example of polygamist in the bible?


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