How Long Is a Generation in The Bible

How Long Is a Generation in The Bible: When the bible mentions a generation how many years are those? It is interesting to know this fact that is why we have researched fully and given the answer to this question as shown below.

First, let us look at the general meaning of the word generation:

What is a generation?

A generation speaks of all people born and living at a similar time.  In other words, a generation is an average period, during which born children grow up, become adults then begin to have their children. Normally in the current age, a generation ranges from 20 to 30 years.

How Long Is a Generation in The Bible?

What is generation in the Bible?

According to the Bible, a generation is primarily the age of a man when his first male child is born.

What is a generation

Below are Bible verses that talk about generation.

How many years are in a generation in the bible

In the Bible, there is no number “given” but the Jewish traditional view of a generation is 40 years and the Bible seems to replicate this. For instance, God promised that the whole generation of fighting men (20 years and above) would all die in the desert for 40 years if they stayed in the desert. {Numbers 14}. Additionally, where the duration of a king is unidentified, like David’s and Solomon’s, authors attached a forty-year reign to them.

For further understanding of how many years are in a generation in the bible, the following verses are essential.

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Matthew 1:1-17

Matthew 1:17

“Thus there were fourteen generations in all from Abraham to David, fourteen from David to the exile to Babylon, and fourteen from the exile to the Messiah.”

How Many years from Abraham to Jesus?

According to Mathew 1, there were 42 generations from Abraham to the birth of Jesus. In this case, the first generation is counted as Abraham’s, once Isaac was born a second generation came up and the count continues till the birth of Jesus. From this chapter, it is clear that a generation lasts from the time one is born till the age one gets his first male child.

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Genesis 21:5

Abraham got his Isaac at the age of 100 years so the second generation in Abraham’s lineage came to be when Isaac was born.

Genesis 25:26

Isaac got Esau and Jacob when he was 60 years old. So the third generation of Abraham came into existence after 160 years old.

How Long Is a Biblical Generation

Genesis 15:12-16

This passage takes us back to the time when Abraham was having a covenant with God. It was revealed to Abraham how his descendants would be in captivity for 400 years. However, in the 4th generation, Abraham’s descendants were to come back to the promised land.

In this passage, the number of years in a generation is 100 years.

Genesis 50: 22-23

Joseph lived 110 years and he saw the third generation of Ephraim’s children. Again generation is not counted in specific years but as from the time one has his first born son.

2 Kings 10.30

After following God’s order regarding Ahab’s family, Jehu was promised that his sons would sit on the throne up to the 4th generation.

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Bible Verses About Generations

Although we might want specific numbers of years to be a generation in the bible, the word of God has given different variations as further indicated in the following verses

Deuteronomy 2:14

In this verse, Moses indicated that they had spent 38 years in Kadesh Barnes. During this period a whole generation of fighting men who had left Egypt all died.

Numbers 14

After the 12 spies had come from spying on the promised land, 10 spies brought a bad report. The people feared and doubted God. They wept and grumbled against Moses and Aaron. The Lord was so angry that He wanted to wipe them out. However, Moses intervened and God spared them immediate death. Instead, God promised that the whole generation of fighting men (20 years and above) would all die in the desert for the 40 years they stayed in the desert.

Frequently Asked Questions Generation in The Bible

What does the Bible say about 70 years?

70 years is the approximate life expectancy of human beings. Moses in Psalms 90:10 brings out the approximate age of man

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How many generations are in the Bible?

As per Luke 3: 23 The full generation from Adam to Jesus was 76. 10 from Adam to Noah and 66 from Noah to Jesus.

How many generations are from Abraham to Jesus?

There are 42 generations from Abraham to the birth of Jesus as explained in Matthew 1.

How Many Generations are 100 years?

In 100 years, 3 generations are assuming the average span of one generation to the next is 30 years.

How Many Generations from Adam to Abraham?

The total number of generations from Adam to Abraham is 20 generations. First, the generations before floods, i.e. from Adam to Noah were 10 generations. After the floods from Noah to Abraham, there were also 10 generations

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Conclusion: How Long Is a Generation in The Bible

On one hand, the number of days for a man may come to seventy or eighty years. On the other hand, the number of years from one generation to the next is not constant. This is because it took a different number of years from the time one is born to the time one had their first born son.  However, there are some existing suggestions that a generation in the Bible lasts for 40 years.