Good Night Prayer for My Future Husband

Good Night Prayer for My Future Husband: Prayer is the best weapon to reach and guard your future life. God knows every bit of your life including your future spouse. That is why it is important to commit to all your needs, worries, and desires. Below we have looked at how to pray for a future husband.

Good Night Prayer for My Future Husband

Heavenly Father, thank you for the day that is ending well. You have been my source of joy and fulfillment. As I continue to delight in you, I pray for my desire to have a godly husband. I believe in your perfect timing and I know that at the right time, you will allow us to have a great union. I pray you may guide him and surround him with your goodness. Watch over him and guide his heart to the things that bring honor to your Holy Name. Bless the work of his hands and open doors that will make him prosper in all aspects of his life. In Jesus’ name, I believe, amen.

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Good Night Prayer for Husband

Lord, thank you because our future is well known to you. I entrust in your divine plan over my life. Thank you for the gift of a  husband . I commit him into your able hands. As he goes out and come back may your presence be with him. Hold him with your righteous hands that and guide him to become the man you always wanted him to be.   Lord help me to become a good wife that will you intended for Him. May wisdom and godliness be instilled in our hearts so that we may build a family that fears you.. Please grant him good health and opportunities that will make him a man after your heart. May your presence be with him, now and forever. In pray this in the name of our Lord Jesus, amen.

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Prayer For My Future Husband Quotes

1. I pray that my future husband will trust in God’s guidance in all aspects of his life. {Proverbs 3:5-6}

2. May God’s plans be fulfilled in my future husband’s life so that hope and faith will always be with him. { Jeremiah 29:11}

3. I ask for godly fulfillment in my future husband’s life. {1 Timothy 6:6}

4. May the man God has designed for me continue to delight in Him that the Lord may fulfill the desire of his heart. {Psalms 37:4}

5. May the Lord unending peace to my future’s husband mind and heart. {Philippians 4:7}

6. I know all things will work out well for my future husband for the honor and glory of God. {Romans 8: 28}

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Conclusion: Good Night Prayer for My Future Husband

The above prayers for future husbands will help you come up with a prayer that will bring the best results for your soon to be husband.