Short Christmas Prayer for Friends

Short Christmas Prayer for Friends:  It is another Christmas time when we have to celebrate our friends and loved ones. Sending and having Christmas gifts is important but our prayers to our friends and loved ones are more important. A special Christmas prayer for your friend can play a bigger role than just a Christmas card. It is in this regard that we have looked at samples of Christmas Prayers you can pray for your Friends.

Short Christmas Prayer for Friends

1. May the love for our Lord and King Jesus be reborn in your heart. I hope you will get all the grace you need to enjoy and celebrate this Christmas.

2. I pray the Lord will reign in your life. May He give you the grace to run your race in life with diligence and great perseverance. Blessed Christmas my sweet friend.

3. The mighty power of God in your life will surround you and make you into what God wants you to be. I believe better days are waiting for you. Happy Christmas

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Short Christmas Prayer For Friends

4. May the Lord’s blessings be with you this blessed season. I trust your Christmas is going to be beautiful. Blessed Christmas.

5. We have a loving Father in heaven may His hand be upon us this Christmas.

6. I pray you will set aside all the things that may burden your heart this Christmas. You have all the reasons to celebrate

7. The faithfulness of God is never failing. Praise Him this Christmas. May His favor be with you in this season and the coming new year

8. I thank God for giving me a special friend like you. The hand of the Lord will be with us now and in days to come. Blessed Christmas my friend 

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Christmas Prayers for Friends

“Dear Lord, I thank you for giving me good friends. This Christmas morning, I commit all my friends into your able hands. Thank you for watching over their lives in the past one year. I put my faith in you believing that you will also grant them your peace in this season and the coming year. If it is according to your will, grant my friends the desires of their hearts. Surround their families with your love and protection. Let your best be done in their lives. I pray in Jesus’ name amen.”

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Short Christmas Prayers

1. My friend I pray for you and your family, that the Lord will bless you with abundant grace to enjoy this Christmas.

2. May the light of heaven shine upon your life this Christmas day. May the Spirit of God make your hearts at peace and happy.

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3. This is a time to enjoy your time with your family. May your lives be enjoyable. Blessed Christmas my friend.

4. I pray the Lord will make your life whole again. Whatever you need to enjoy the love of Jesus in your life, may the Lord grant you.

5. May the joy of Christmas abide with you and your family. Wishing you the best Christmas ever. God bless.

6. I believe the Lord shall reveal His perfect plan for your life this Christmas. May the fire of His love be ignited in your heart.

7. May the blessings of God’s peace be with you. I know you will have the best moments with your family.

8. My Christmas prayer for you my dear friend is that the desires of your heart may come to pass this Christmas.

9. This Christmas may God’s heaven blessing come to you. May the shining love of His Son Jesus be renewed in your heart. 

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Short Christmas Dinner Prayer with Friends

“Heavenly Father, I thank you for the wonderful Christmas you have allowed us to celebrate the birth of Jesus. It is with great honor we thank you for the love you have shown us. We have enjoyed the love of our family and friends. God thank you for allowing us to share a Christmas meal with our friends.

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We ask you to bless every person gathered here. Let your love be filled in our hearts. Help us to become a blessing to one another. Give us the wisdom to become better people.  We are asking for your favor this night. As we enjoy this dinner together, guide us and watch over us. We believe you shall give us another Christmas in the coming year. Be glorified now and forever. In Jesus’ name, we pray amen”

Christmas Dinner Prayer with Friends

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Christmas Eve Prayers for friends

“Thank you, God, for the gift of a friend. Although you are a friend who sticks closer than a brother, you have been gracious to me. You have blessed my life with {the name of your friend(s)}. On this Christmas Eve, I pray for your blessing over my friend. Let him see your hand over his life. Renew his mind and spirit this Christmas. Make him a vessel of Honor, cover him with your wings of love. May he live to see your goodness in his life. Be honored in his life. In Jesus’ name, I believe, amen”

Conclusion: Christmas Prayers for Friends

As you pray for your family this Christmas, don’t forget to also commit your friends to prayers. Christmas prayers are very important. They not only bless your loved ones’ life they also ask for the important blessings of God over their life. Blessed Christmas as you purpose to pray for your friend.