Religious Farewell Message to Coworker

Religious Farewell Message to Coworker: If you are looking for a touching farewell message to a colleague we’ve compiled the best. Although saying goodbye is often not easy, the below messages will help you come up with the best messages for your colleague.

Religious Farewell Message to Coworker

1. You’ve been one of the best workmates anyone would ever wish for. May God be with you as you seek for greener pastures.

2. To most of us, you have been a supporting pillar and it is sad to see you leave but we are glad you have better plans for your life. God bless you in all you do.

3. This farewell is not meant to end the cordial relationship we shared in the workplace. It’s an appreciation for the delightful workmate you’ve been. I pray you only become better at what you do

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4. As you leave, we celebrate you and wish you more of God’s blessings in your future endeavors. Goodbye

5. It is a sad yet joyful moment, God has set your life on a different path. I will greatly miss you.

farewell message to coworker

6. Even though your departure is heartbreaking, I choose to celebrate the good workmate you’ve been. Cheers to a happy and blessed future.

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7. You have given me enough chance to grow and become a better person. It is not easy to let you go but I hope life will allow us to become friends if not workmates. I wish you a blessed future.

8. I never thought it would be difficult bidding goodbye to a coworker, but for you, goodbye has proved to be difficult. Thanks for being a wonderful colleague.

9. You made my work experience exceptional and I will be glad God allowed me to work with you. I pray that all your hard work and plans will bear great fruits. Farewell, my best-ever colleague

10. I will always cherish all those moments you supported me. Your prayers and kindness will be forever appreciated.

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