Prayer for Protection Against Enemies at Work

Prayer for Protection Against Enemies at Work: At times you may face adversaries at your place of work. As Christians during times like this, the thing you can do is pray for God to give you wisdom and also for Him to protect you against any evil plans set before you. In this article, we have come up with prayer for protection against evil in the workplace.

Prayer for Protection Against Enemies at Work

“Dear God, thank you for the job you have given me. It is an opportunity I delight in. Please give me the inner strength to face challenges at work. Protect me from any forces that may bring discouragement and negative energies. All the work of my hands I commit to you, trusting it will bring good results. May your divine light be my guide. Amen.”

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“Gracious Father, I pray for a peaceful work environment with great co-existence with my workmates. Give me wisdom on how to deal with everyone. May you protect me from any malice and conflicts that hinder progress. May your grace fill our workplace, promoting unity and cooperation. In Jesus’ name, I pray, amen.”

Prayer for Protection Against Enemies at Work

“Almighty God,

Thank you for leading me and opening doors for me to have a job. Although there are challenges and schemes to bring me down, I ask for your intervention. Grant the right approach to recognize any ill intentions or ill plans directed towards me. Protect me and may your name be glorified. Amen”

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Prayer Points Against Enemies at Workplace

1. I thank you for you are our present help in times of need, protecting me from the present adversaries I am facing at work.

2. Lord, shield my heart from unrighteousness or ill traps set before me.

3. I believe no weapon fashioned against my work shall prosper

4. Through your guidance, I know you will set a table before my enemies at the workplace.

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5. I will declare your goodness in all aspects of my life including my workplace

6. Grant me your Holy Spirit to help me maintain a positive and focused mindset that those who wish my downfall shall not find a stronghold against me.

7. Each day I will seek your divine guidance and protection at my workplace. Lead me on the path of righteousness for your name’s sake.

8. May your presence be a shield, allowing me to work with peace and confidence.

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Conclusion: Prayer for Protection Against Enemies at Work

The vital thing to remember as you say your prayer for protection against enemies at work is to ensure you believe in God. Additionally, ensure you hold no grudges or unforgiveness with anyone.