Prayer for Students from Teachers

Prayer for Students from Teachers: As students prepare to go to school, parents and guardians take time and pray for students. Students are faced with challenges and a simple prayer can change a whole situation. Even with parents’ prayers, a teacher’s prayers for the students are also important. It is not possible to always watch over the students but God can. That is why it is important to pray for the student.

Prayer for Students from Teachers

“Heavenly Father, thank you for allowing us to see another day. I commit these students before your able hands. Watch over them as they go out and come back. There are many dangers around us, but when they are covered in your loving arms, nothing will harm them. I believe and pray that their mind, body, and souls will be protected and be alert to learn. No sickness will overtake them for good health will be their portion, in Jesus’ name. Keep them away from negative peer pressure and temptations that may destroy their life. May they know you and follow you. I pray this in Jesus’ name, amen.”

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Short prayer for first day of school

Prayer for Students and Teachers

“Lord each day is a blessing from you. Thank you for watching over us and making it possible for us to see another school year. There are many plans ahead but as we start this academic year, we commit every student and teacher in school work to you.  Let every plan we have laid down be fulfilled as per your will. Bless the students with peace that will allow them to learn in the best way. Nothing is beyond you so we entrust everything to you. For the teachers grant them wisdom and knowledge to be able to carry out their work in peace. May your will be done on earth as it is in heaven. In Jesus’ name, I pray and believe, amen.”

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Short Prayer for Students

1. May the Lord surround you with teachers and peers who will inspire your life in the best way possible.

2. May the Lord open your eyes and mind to be able to learn well as you build your talents and abilities.

3. May the Lord watch over you and keep you from any harm.

4. I pray the Lord will keep you from any activities, movements, clubs, and associations that dishonor His name.

5. May the Lord give you wisdom to understand what you learn and to be able to apply it in your life.

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Prayer for Students Returning to School

1. I pray that this school year will be better than the previous one. Let the Lord guide you in your studies.

2. As you start another academic year, I believe no weapon fashioned against you shall prosper.

3. As a child of God, I commit you to the loving hands of our Lord. May He light your path throughout the year.

4. I thank God for allowing you to return to school in complete health and sound mind. May he be your guide.

5. As the new school year begins may the Lord renew your strength to allow you to have a successful academic year.

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Conclusion: Prayer for Students from Teachers

The importance of prayer in our lives cannot be overlooked. A student’s back-to-school prayer can be a source of inspiration to become better. As you say the prayer ensure it is well structured to suit the situation around you.