Opening Prayer for Event

Opening Prayer for Event: In most events, meetings, or gatherings, prayers are normally said to officially start activities. In this regard, we have outlined simple prayers that will assist anyone in knowing what to pray for if asked to open a meeting with a prayer. Hope as you go through you will find the right words to help you pray.

Short Opening Prayer for Event

“Our Lord we come before you humbled for the goodness you have shown us. Thank you for making it possible for everyone present to attend this event. We ask you to guide and be with us as we start this event. We commit everything to your hands. At the end of it, all glory and honor will come back to you.  We ask this in Jesus’ name, amen” 

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Opening Prayer for Activity

Our Heavenly Father, we are grateful to you for this day. As we gather together, may your protection and guidance be with us. The activities that we are planning to have we commit them before you. Let our interaction bring joy and personal growth to all of us. Thank you for providing us with the time and resources to plan for this event. May you be with us. In Jesus’ name, we pray, amen.”

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Opening Prayer for Event

“Our Mighty Father in heaven we are gathered here for this event (mention the event be it a meeting, graduation, party, church event, etc.) because you have been gracious to us. We give you all the glory because what we had planned for this is finally being fulfilled. As we start the event, we ask for your guidance. Let every plan go as per your will. Bless every one of us, more so the people who spend their time making preparations for this day to be a success. May their effort not be in vain. Be with us and guide us all through. We believe you have heard us. May all the glory and honor come to you. We pray this believing in Jesus’ name. Amen

Short Opening Prayer for Program 

“Lord, we are honored for this program you have allowed us to attend. We are grateful to you for bringing all our plans into accomplishment. I commit to you every person who is in the program. Bless our efforts so that we may
gain knowledge and skills that will make us better. Lead us in all we will do in this program. We pray in Jesus’ name amen.”

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Short Opening Prayer for Party

“Might God thank you for allowing us to hold this party. We have made all the necessary plans and we are grateful that all is well. We commit all the activities to your hand. May you see us through from the beginning to the end. In Jesus’ name, I pray. amen”

Opening Prayer for Online Event

“God our creator we come before you this time. As we hold this meeting we ask for your Holy Spirit to guide us. May you guide our intentions so that they may align with what you want us to accomplish. Help us say the correct words and do the right actions that will bring honor to your name.  May you hearken our ears to listen to you. We pray this believing in Jesus’ name, amen”

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Opening Prayer for School Activity

Dear Heavenly Father,

Our Father in Heaven, we thank you for this school activity. We have made several plans and we invite Your presence to be with us. As we interact, bless us with the right attitude, enthusiasm, and a spirit of togetherness. Protect us and guide us in all we do. May this activity be a source of learning, joy, and unity for all of us. In Jesus’ name we prayer, amen.

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Invocation Prayer for Program

Gracious Lord,

As we start this program, we request you fill our minds with inspiration and a perspective that will help us gain knowledge and wisdom. Let your Spirit guide all instructors so that they may have the appropriate approach to deliver all that they have planned. As we start this program be with us and may the fruits of our efforts bring glory to Your name. We pray this in Jesus’ name, amen.

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Opening Prayer for Fiesta Celebration

Most Holy God, we come to you with lots of gladness and appreciation. From the day we started the plan for this fiesta we only hoped for the best. We have seen your hand guide us and today, through You, all plans are going to be fulfilled. Let this Fiesta be a place for more happiness. love and friendship. Thank you for your provision and for everyone here today, may they experience your goodness. In your Holy name, we pray, amen

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Conclusion: Opening Prayer for Event

It is okay to have an Opening Prayer for an Event, but the important thing is having the right intentions at heart. A good prayer for any meeting should be seen as a way of talking to God and not man. Choose to make God the center of your prayer and every word will fall in place.