Joyce Meyer Quotes on Prayer

Joyce Meyer On Prayer: Below are Joyce Meyer’s Quotes On Prayer. As a Christian, the importance of prayers cannot be overlooked and that is why we have taken the time and compiled the best teachings on prayer from Joyce Meyer’s books on prayer and sermons

Joyce Meyer On Prayer

1. “The devil does not want us to pray in confidence, he puts doubt in our hearts.”

2. “Effective prayer is often so simple”

3. “The power of prayer is not how eloquent you are but about faith and believing in His word”

4. “Prayer should be sincere”

5. “You can talk to God about everything concerning your life.”

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6. “When we say we will pray about it, the devil often rejoices because often he knows we will forget to pray.”

Joyce Meyer Teaching On Prayer

7. “Don’t pray for anything that you are sure God doesn’t want you to have.”

8. “In prayers it does not matter what people are saying, just look at what the word of God says.”

9. “Often when we pray for someone, they may behave worse than they were, but that doesn’t mean God is not working in their life.”

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Joyce Meyer Quotes On Prayer

10. “If you don’t listen to the little things that God tells you to do, He won’t tell you the big things”

11. “You can pray anywhere in any position, but at all-time ensure your prayer is sincere.”

12. “Get into prayer through praise and thanksgiving”

13. “Forgiveness is an important element in answered prayers.”

Joyce Meyer Prayer Quotes

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14. “Don’t pray for people’s problems to go away, but for them to endure through and learn the lesson God wants them to learn.”

15. “In a prayer where there is no peace, there is no power.”

16. “If God doesn’t want you to have something, you have no business praying for it.”

17. “We erroneously think that we need to be perfect to have powerful prayers, but we don’t. It is the name of Jesus that makes us perfect, we pray in His name.”

18. “The only name that guarantees us an answered prayer is the name of Jesus”

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Conclusion: Joyce Meyer Quotes on Prayer

The effective prayer of a righteous man avails much. It is important to incorporate prayers into our daily lives and the above prayer quotes by Joyce Meyer will remind us of the essential role of prayers.