Prayer Quotes for Someone Having Surgery

Prayer Quotes for Someone Having Surgery: Standing outside the double surgery doors and watching a loved one get into the operating room is never easy. With mixed reactions of anxiety and anticipation, one may not know what to expect. The experience of having go to through a surgery is never easy and the best thing we can do for someone going through surgery is say a prayer and offer support. A prayer said in faith can be very effective. There is no specific way to pray but when prayer is made in unison, the results can be great. Below are simple prayers you can say for someone going through surgery.

Prayer Quotes for Someone Having Surgery

1. May the hands of the surgeons, doctors, and nurses be guided by the graceful and powerful hands of our Lord.

2. As you go into surgery, remember the Lord will carry you through the whole procedure. He will never leave or forsake you.

3. In the name of Jesus, your health is getting better. Angels are watching over you.

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4. My prayer for you is that you will come out of these procedures better than you went in. Amen

5. May the hands of the surgeons be used by God to help you restore your health fully.

6. God is with you, remember you are the child of the most high God and nothing is impossible with God. By God’s grace, all will be well.

Prayers for Someone Having Surgery

1. “Lord thank you for overseeing the surgery that my loved one is going through. I know everything will be okay because you are guiding the hands of the doctors, surgeons, and nurses. Please send your Holy Spirit so that every procedure goes well. In Jesus’ name, I pray.”

2. “Lord, you are the greatest healer. As the surgery is being carried out please speak a word of healing. Through your grace, the surgery is going to turn out well. As the skilled medics carry out the surgery bless them with divine abilities that will allow the healing process. Thank you for answering this request, made in the name of our Lord Jesus.”

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Prayer for Someone Having Surgery for Cancer

“Lord, I place {name} before your able hands. Right now she is going through a a trying moment. As she lays in the operating room I commit her before your able hands. I acknowledge that it is only through you, that doctors will be able to do the surgery. Thank you for restoring his health through this operation. In Jesus’ name, I pray and believe, amen.”

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Prayer for Someone Having Surgery

“Lord, as my friend lies in the operating room I ask for your best will to be done. With prayer and supplication, I commit all to you. There is nothing impossible with you, and I know the surgery will turn out for the good. Give the doctors the best concentration that will allow them to carry out a successful surgery. I ask in Jesus’ name.”

Short Prayer for Someone Having Surgery

1. In the name of Jesus, I commit all the surgery procedures in the hands of the Mighty healer.

2. I pray the God of all creation will watch and command every procedure that you undergoing.

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3. The eyes of the Lord are watching over you and His hands are guiding you through the surgery. Y

4. Through the grace of our Lord, the surgery will go on fine and there will be no complications.

5. May the giver of life sustain you through the surgery. In Jesus’ name, I pray you to have one of the quickest recovery. Amen

6. The same power that raised Jesus from the dead is the same that is overseeing your surgery. With God, all will be well

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Prayers for Someone Going into Surgery

“Lord, as {name} goes into the surgery room I pray for heavenly intervention. Before you there is nothing new, you knew this day would come. Father, let this be an opportunity to glorify your name through a successful surgery and a complete healing. I thank you to all the medics who will carry out the procedure. In addition to their professional knowledge, add to the divine skills that will make this process turn out well. Into your able hands, I commit the whole procedure. In Jesus’ name, I pray, amen.”

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Conclusion: Prayer Quotes for Someone Having Surgery

It is not easy seeing a loved one get into the surgery room. It can create a lot of anxiety and the best way to deal with the worry, for both the patient and yourself is to say a prayer of faith. The above prayer for someone going into surgery can help you commit the whole process to Almighty God.