Myles Munroe Quotes on Prayer

Myles Munroe Quotes on Prayer: Dr. Myles Munroe was a great teacher of the word, through his books and sermons he dwelled on many topics including prayer. Below are some of the quotes on prayer compiled from what he often taught.

Myles Munroe Quotes on Prayer

1. “Time in prayer is not time wasted. It is time invested.”

2. “More work is done in prayer than in the work itself.”

3. “Those who know the ways and mind of God often follow Him better than those who seek the hand of God.”

4. “No matter how big your church is; its true size is measured by the size of the prayer meetings.”

Quotes on Prayer by Dr. Myles Munroe

5. “Sadly, the smallest meeting in a church is a prayer meeting.”

6. “Sometimes people go to prayer meetings because there is nothing to do.”

7 “There is no ministry of intersessions in the Bible. We are all called to pray without ceasing.”

8. “Most people buy prayer books but they don’t pray.”

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9. “The only request that the disciples asked Jesus to teach them was “Lord teach us how to pray.”

10. “Jesus prayed by Himself.”

11. “Prayer is a personal thing. We love group prayers because we often don’t like to pray.”

12. “Don’t just go and pray for the sick, prepare yourself to go and pray for the sick. Spend time with God.”

13. “Prayer is not an option it is a necessity.”

Quotes on Prayer by Dr. Myles Munroe

1. “Prayer is the most important Heaven key on earth”

Prayer Quotes by Myles Munroe

2. “It is amazing how we sing and preach for 45 minutes and pray for two minutes.”

3. “The church should be more of a place to prayer than of anything else.”

4. “Seeking God’s will means to align our will according to His.”

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5. “Prayer is important because the kingdom of heaven is manifested in it.”

6. “In a prayer room, there is no race, gender, status or ability.”

7. “Men are always to pray.”

8. “If you pray once a month, your whole month will be a mess because God will not interfere when you don’t call on Him.”

9. “If you don’t have a personal prayer life, you cannot enjoy a corporate prayer life.”

10. “Your prayer is your responsibility.”

11. “God will not heal your land if no people are seeking His face.”

12. “The world needs people who will also fast and not only pray.”

13. “Sometimes you don’t need a prayer meeting, you are the prayer meeting.”

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Myles Munroe Quotes

1. “Everything alive will change, change is the principle of life.”

2. “Don’t judge yourself by what others think of you, judge yourself on what God told you to do.”

3. “Everything in life will not last because everything in life is a season.”

4. “Never make a permanent decision for a temporary problem.”

5. “A person of value is often followed by success.”

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6. “There are always 3 types of people in the world, poor people. rich people and wealthy people. Poor people pursue money, rich pursue things, wealthy people talk about ideas..”

7. “Ideas control the world and success follows ideas.”

8. “Position yourself and look for ways to deploy yourself, use your energy, and create work for yourself..”

9. “You can never retire from your work, but you can retire from your job.”

10. “Not all change is an improvement, but without change, there is no improvement, look for positive change.”

11. “Every problem in life is a business opportunity.”

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Myles Munroe Inspirational Quotes

1. “Be focused on self-improvement and expansion, the more valuable you make yourself the more value you attract.”

2. “If you become valuable to the world the more the world will pay for who you are.”

3. “Tree never bring the tress to us, we are attracted to the trees because of their fruits.”

4. “The power to be successful is within you, believe in God, in all He says.”

5. “The average human being is mediocre, so don’t judge your success by what others think.”

6. “When experience is your best teacher then you are imprisoned.”

7. “The reason why God makes history with young people is because most old people are too experienced to change their perspective.”

8. “In a job you will not get paid for how hard you work but what you are worth to the organization.”

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Conclusion: Myles Munroe Quotes on Prayer

The above quotes are intended to inspire you to get more into prayer. As Dr. Munroe often taught, life challenges are overcome through prayers. Pray without ceasing.