Tony Evans Quotes on Prayer

Tony Evans Quotes on Prayer: Tony Evans’s sermons are inspirational, as a teacher of God’s word, he often has sermons about faith, hope, spiritual warfare, and others. Today we are going to look at some of the prayer quotes from Tony Evans’s prayer that works sermon.

Tony Evans Quotes

1. To live a life without a purpose is like being the lifeless dead sea.

2. God didn’t create for us fun, but for a purpose

3. Most of us spend our life making a livelihood that we forget to live

4. One of the reasons why we cannot find our purpose is coz we are trying to tell us why we were called

5. It is the manufacturer who knows the reason why for creating a product, the product doesn’t discover it own purpose.

Tony Evans Prayer That Works quotes

6. After serving the purpose of God, man life comes to an end.

7. “If you keep God small in your life, you are going to have many small steps. But is keep him big, you are going to achieve great things.”

8. “Be in touch with God in prayers to hear stuff before you see stuff.”

9. “You have to work on your prayer because the devil is ready to put it down.”

10. “Prayer until completion, prayer until you get the answer, it could be a “Yes, No, or wait.”

11. “If you don’t have a prayer relationship with God in secret, you will accomplish nothing in your public prayers.”

12. “Don’t pray to get things from Him but to have a relationship with Him.”

13. “It is sad to live to live for 75 years, and all you can talk about is your job. It simply means you missed your life’s purpose.”

14. “When people lack a direction in their life they wither.”

15. “If your calling is not linked to anything bigger that yourself, God will not reveal to you your purpose.”

16. “God didn’t create for fun, but for a purpose and the purpose is bigger than you.”

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Tony Evans Quotes on Prayer

1. “Prayers offered in faith will restore the health of one who is sick.”

2.“Elijah, a man like us prayed that it wouldn’t rain and it didn’t rain and he prayed for it to rain and it rained.”

3. “There are things God won’t bring on earth unless there is a human corporation or prayer.”

4. “Prayer is relational communication with God.”

5. “You better bring all things to God to avoid losing on anything.”

6. “Christian lifestyle should have a prayer without ceasing.”

7. “God has given us a toll-free number to call on Him every day.”

8. “When you pray you to leave the physical and enter the spiritual. And the passport to leave the physical into spiritual is prayer.”

9. “Prayer is not the way of making God do what He does not want to do, but to get to know what He wants to do.”

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10. “Sometimes pain is an invitation for us to pray more, more pain means more prayer.”

11. “Sometimes pains linger more in our lives to make us pray more.”

12. “If Jesus had to pray to bring the will of God on earth, how much do we need to pray.”

13. “If you are in pain, pray to God, if you are not in pain, then praise Him too.”

Tony Evans Quotes on Prayer

14. “The prayer of faith believes in the ability of God.”

15. “Energized prayer can accomplish a lot. An energized prayer is God-centered and it is based on a righteous life.”

16. “Prayer aims to make heaven visible on earth.”

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Tony Evans Quotes on Faith

1. “Faith is acting like something is so real when it is not so so that it might be so simply because God said so.”

2. “The heroes in the Bible are just like people like you and me, weak but they choose to walk by faith.”

3. “Faith is supposed to be a lifestyle, not an event.”

4. “Faith is not a concept you visit once in a while; it is a lifestyle you possess.”

5. “If you aren’t living by faith it is because are not righteous, His word says: the just live by faith.”

6. “If you are not living by faith you are not experiencing God.”

7. “A little faith in a significant substance produces great results. A lot of faith in insufficient substance will produce no results.”

8. “What makes faith productive is the substance to which it is attached.”

9. “Faith is not how you feel.”

10. “To not live by faith is to call God a liar.”

11. “Faith is walking by faith, if it hasn’t hit your legs, then it is yet to be faith.”

12. “Faith is like acting it is so, even when it is not so, so that it might be so, simply because God said so.”

13. “Don’t fake it to make it, but believe to make it.”

14. “Just because God knows something doesn’t mean He will fulfill it. At times it requires us to pray for it.”

15. “Prayer is like a kid talking to His father.”

16. “God’s will is what He wants to happen, and we can only know His will through prayer and reading His words.”

17. “At all times choose to believe in God’s integrity, He has never failed anyone.”

18. “Faith is measured by your action not by your feelings.”

Conclusion: Tony Evans Prayer That Works quotes

The above quotes on prayer by Tony Evans will help you in your journey of prayer. Each day as you learn how to talk to God, He will continue to teach you what you need to do. Combine your prayers with the study of His word and you will surely have a prayer working miracles in your life.