Surgery Prayers Quotes

Surgery Prayers Quotes: If you are looking for a prayer for surgery quotes, we got you covered. We have compiled biblical surgery prayer quotes that are based on God’s word. You can use these quotes to build your faith in God as you say your prayer.

Surgery Prayers Quotes

1. Through the name of Jesus, many were healed, and in that same name, you will be healed.”

2. May the peace of God that surpasses all human understanding be with you as you go through the surgery.

3. Trust the Lord with all your heart, and lean not in your understanding and this surgery will go on smoothly.

4. The goodwill of God still stands: that above all you may prosper in all things and be in good health.

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Prayers Quotes for Surgery

5. Our God is the Great Physician and in Him, nothing is too big or impossible.

6. Be hopeful, let this surgery be a new beginning for better health.

7. With a strong spirit and faith in God, all things will work out for your good.

8. May the Lord use your coming surgery as a stepping stone to open the door to better health.

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Before Surgery Words of Encouragement

1. Positive faith in God is a good start for a successful surgery.

2. When God directs the skillful hands of doctors your health is restored.

3. He is called Jehovah Rapha because He heals all our infirmities.

4. He took our pain and bore our suffering so we can be free, soon you will be free from all infirmities.

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5. If He  created us from dust, He can heal every disease that is hindering our life.

6.With God on your side, don’t let your soul be troubled.

7. You are highly purchase of the blood of Jesus, everything will work as per God’s will. Just believe.

Surgery Prayers Quotes for A Friend

Surgery Prayers Quotes for A Friend

1. Your wounds and pain are healed through the blood of Jesus.

2. You are a good fighter in the Lord, through God, you have won over this sickness.

3. Handle the coming surgery with courage and the grace of God.

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4. No weapon fashioned against you will prosper, you are an overcomer through Christ.

5. What was meant for the bad, God will turn in it to your favor.

short prayer before surgery for a friend

6. Through Christ who strengthens you, may you be healed.

7. God is always at work, if you believe, your surgery is already a success.

8. No matter how hard it looks, keep your faith in Him.

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Conclusion: Surgery Prayers Quotes

As you trust God for a successful surgery, you can go through the above quotes as well as His word to encourage yourself. Additionally, ensure you bring your request to God in faith.