Sad Break Up Texts That Will Make Him Cry

Sad Break Up Texts That Will Make Him Cry: Previous studies on emotional pain indicate that the pain one feels from heartbreak is the same as pain from physical pain. Sad break-up text may not be the best way to end a relationship but some situations are unavoidable.

If you have been in a bad relationship you may want to send break-up texts to make him feel bad. It is sad that “To fall in love is awfully simple, but to fall out of love is simply awful.” This means that no break is easy, it always causes an emotional bruise.

There are many reasons you may want to break a relationship with someone, but even as you do remember to be calm. Even though you may send sad breakup messages, remember to be considerate and respectful. Below are a sample of breakup quotes that will make him cry

Sad Break Up Texts That Will Make Him Cry

1. It is heartbreaking to know you aren’t meant to be mine even though my heart loves you deeply.

2. Right now, I must be going through the worst experience in my life. I feel like my heart is drowning in sadness letting you go.

3. I gave you my whole without knowing the joy of our love was only meant to be for a moment. The pain I feel will take years to heal.

4. Thanks to your unavailability, our relationship is ending. I now have a shattered heart that is doubtful of love. I am wishing the best in future endeavors.

5. I gave you the best part of my heart, believed in you, and gave you my support but it was all in vain. As you we our separate ways, I hope I will still have some faith to believe in love again.

break up messages for him that will make him cry

6. Although my eyes swell in tears when I remember that our love will never see the light of another day, I have no choice but to end this relationship.

7. I valued more than diamonds, there is nothing I would trade my love for you, but with empty promises and lies I cannot allow my heart to break over and over again.

8. Though I often think of you, I plan to bury those thoughts and choose to walk away from what causes me so much heartache.

9. As I quit this relationship I must say some gifts in life are only appreciated while they are gone. Bye

10. I am not an angel; I am just a girl who loved you with all her heart. But when you love someone who in return loves someone else you have no hope to hold onto that love. Goodbye my dear

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Break Up Texts to Make Him Feel Bad

1. The worst story in our love story is this break-up. I have cried enough and I promise myself I won’t cry anymore.

2. I literally feel like my heart is going to break. The pain is so real but I rather go through this for a few moments than be with someone who values me less than I deserve.

3. Right now a heartbreak is better than not knowing the role I play in your life. I cannot risk anything more for you.

4. We have to end this relationship to determine the real things than matter in our life.

5. A heartbreak from your continued disappointments has opened my eyes to see that life is too short to waste it on people who always put you last on their list.

6. Even when it brings tears to my eyes, I must make the right decisions in life. Hope this pain I feel will give me a better perspective to life.

7. It’s time to put my life in order, at least my love for you didn’t blind me so much not to see the neglect you have for our relationship.

touching breakup message for him

8. Though I thought you are the best thing that happened to me it is only clear that I should walk away from a narcissist like you.

9. In my heart, I have no more room for you. This breakup will bring tears to my eyes but I know I will have a fixed vision of building my future.

10. Our love was powerful, but over time that love has died. Since there is nothing to reignite that love I choose to walk away.   There is power in love, but when love is gone you have to leave.

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Sad Breakup Messages for Him

1. Recently there have been lots of tensions between us, it is hard being myself before you. I know we will be better without each other.

2. In as much as our relationship has no more room for growth, I am grateful to you for teaching me great things in life. Will forever remember you

3. Our situation is complicated; it seems my trust issues are making it hard for me to fully trust you. I need a break to

4. You deserve to be loved in the same way you love. I am not the right person to love in that manner. Hope you will find someone to love you correctly.

painful break up message to your boyfriend

5. With lots of admiration and respect, I have to tell you that it is no longer possible to walk with you through this journey of love.

6. It is becoming difficult to find a neutral ground for our differences. I hope you find in your heart to forgive me for leaving you for something we both contributed to.

7. We didn’t have to come this far to realize our love was not meant to be. It is time to let go before our hearts are broken into pieces.

8. It is sad we have allowed distance and time to be killing our relationship. Time is far gone to save our love. Hope we will learn some lessons from this breakup.

9. You have made some mistakes that will make us pay heavily by ending our relationship.  I am wishing you the best.

Final Thought: Sad Break Up Texts That Will Make Him Cry

Break-up text is not the best way to end a relationship unless that is the only way to communicate. Even with the pain it causes, heartbreak continues to be part of the human experience. If you find yourself in a such situation, it is always good to remember that although it may feel like you will die from heartache, you will come through stronger if you choose to.