Unique Grandfather Names

Unique Grandfather Names: Are you expecting your firstborn child and you want to select a cool grandpa name that your kids will call their grandfather? Or are you a soon-to-be grandpa and you want a trendy grandpa name?  Currently, there are numerous Modern Grandfather Names that have replaced the traditional grandfather names. Regardless of the grandpa nicknames chosen, a grandfather plays a vital role in his grandchildren’s lives. Below are grandpa names that you can choose from:

Unique Grandfather Names 

Da-Da             Da-Pa              Drampaw

Gammy           Gampa             Grandpaps

Grand pappy   Grandpapa      Gramps

Gamps             Gampaps         Grandpop

Grand poppy   Nonno             Pap Pap

Papzo              Pop-Pop          Popsy

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Trendy Grandpa Names

Top pop           Smartie            Skipper

Sparky             Sabby              Rocky

Rockie             Popster            Popssi

Popso              Poppa Daddy    Buster

Busty               Buzz                Captain

Champ             Chief               Coach

Cute Papa        Cutie Pops       Grand-dude

Grand-Man     Opa                 Papaw

Biggie             Big Popzy       Big Daddy

Big Poppa

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Grandpa in Different Languages

These are grandpa in other languages across the globe.


Gran and Granny



Swahili: Babu

Somali: Awoowe

Zulu: umkhulu

Luganda: jjajja

Yoruba: baba agba

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French: Grand-père, Grand-papa, Pépère, Papy, Papi

Hebrew: Saba, Sabba

Spanish: Abuelo, Abuelito, Lito

Russian: Dedushka, Deda, Dedulya

Polish: Dziadek, Dziadziu

Portuguese: Avô, Avozinho, Vovô,  Vo

Italian: Nonno, Nonnuccio, Nonnino, Nonnetto

Irish: Seanáthair, Daideó, Móraí

Greek: Pappoús, Pappoo, Papu, Papou

German: Opa

Flemish: Opa, Opi, Bompa, Bompi

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 North America

Hawaiian: Tutu kane, Kuku kane

French Canadian: Pépé, Pépère, Papi.

Mexican Spanish: Abuelo

Jamaican: Granfadda


Filipino: Lolo (most common), Ingkong, Lelong, Abwelo

Albanian: Gjyshi\

Amharic: Wenidi āyati

Arabic: jid

Bangla: Dādā

Chinese: YéYé or YehYeh (paternal); Gōng Gong or Wàigōng (maternal)

Korean: Haraboji, Harabeoji, Halaboji, Halabeoji

Japanese: Ojiisan, Sofu, Jiji

Hindi: Dada (Paternal), Nana (Maternal)

Indonesian: Kakek 

South America

In this area, Spanish and Portuguese are the most spoken language. In most cases, the name grandpa is the same as indicated in the above European countries except:

Grandpa in Guaraní language is taita, taita guasu, tamói {Paraguay and Bolivia}

Grandpa in Aymara language is achachi, awki, chacha achachi {Peru and Bolivia}


Conclusion: Unique Grandfather Names

In life having a chance to be called a grandfather is a milestone. After reaching a certain age, becoming a grandfather is such an inspiration. If you are a new grandfather, there are several cute grandpa names that you can have.  Although some choose to go with the classical name “grandpa,” there is nothing wrong if you look for a unique grandpa name. The name you choose can also indicate the type of relationship you share with your grandkids.