Intercessory Prayer Group Names

Intercessory Prayer Group Names: Prayers impact our world in ways that are hard to explain. If you have started a prayer group to intercede for others, you can always be assured that your prayer will have results. If you are looking for a catchy name for your prayer group, you can choose one below.

Prayer Group Names

1. Believers Prayer Network

2. End time Prayer Group

3. Pray Without Ceasing Group

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4. God-inspired Intercessions Assembly

5. Bold Faith Prayer Group

6. Gracious Voices of Prayer

7. Covenant Prayer Team

8. Kingdom Prayer Partners

9. Prayerful Christians

10. Anointed Prayer Warriors

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Prayer Meeting Names

10. At the Mercy Seat Assembly

11. The Mercy Seekers

12. Compassionate Intercessors

13. Seeking the father’s face

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14. Finding God Will Prayer Group

15. Faith Renewed Prayer Ministry

16. Spirit-Led Intercessors

17. Prayerful warriors

18. Representing Jesus Through Prayer

Intercessory Prayer Group Names

1. United Prayer Warriors

2. Standing in the Gap Group

3. Graceful Intercessors

4. Harmony Prayer Circle

5. Intercede to impact a life.

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6. Standing on the knees

7. Faithful Intercessors

8. Hearts for Prayers Group

9. Hopeful Intercessors

Conclusion: Intercessory Prayer Group Names

As you choose the appropriate name, select one that brings out the mission of your group. Each name outlined above is simple and clearly portrays the purpose of any prayer group.