Wedding Messages to Couple

Wedding Messages to Couple: Are planning to send a wedding card to your friends or loved ones? If you are considering doing so, ensure your wedding wishes are among the best. Today we have come up with the best wedding messages, wishes, and quotes.

The newlyweds will likely remember your wedding card messages if it is unique, inspirational, and well personalized.

We have also looked at what to write on a wedding card for Christian couples. We got you covered if you are looking for religious wedding greetings.

Wedding Messages to Couple

I know your day is going to be the best, wishing you a joyful and perfect wedding day

After many days of preparation, here comes your most memorable wedding! May all your plans come to pass

It is a bright day that you have to be joined as one. Looking forward to every moment. God bless your special day

Wedding Messages to Couple

Your wedding day is finally here. Take your time and enjoy, it only comes once. All the best

Hurray! Today is your wedding day. You two love birds have the chance to start your lives together. Special wedding wishes to you

The amazing couple is wedding today. What a beautiful day to witness their vows. Relax and enjoy every moment

Wedding cheers to you! May your love for each other grow each day. The best wedding day to you.

As you wed the love of your life, may you two create the best memories. A happy wedding day to you!

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True love conquers all. It is your day today; I have faith it will be the best day ever. Best wedding wishes to you.

You are meant for each other; your lives will thrive with happiness since you love each other. Cheers to the coolest newlyweds in town.

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Hope your next five years will be better than your dating period. May your marriage flourish.

Warmest wedding wishes to you. I know you will bring happiness to your union.

Today it’s no ordinary day, it’s your special day. May the vows you make happily commit your lives to each other

Best Wedding Vows for Him / Her

Babe, I promise to love till our old age. I know each year we will age but our love will become better. I am so glad to have you in my life.

If there is something that will not get tired of learning how to love you better. You add so much value to my life.

I know the girl I am marrying is not perfect, she is human and I will cherish every moment I share with her. I will give her all my love as long as I live.

Wedding Card Message

As we mark a new beginning in our lives, I vow on this wedding day to love you and take care of you. I may not have the formula for a perfect marriage but I know I will love you in the right ways

From the first day, I saw you, I knew wanted you to be mine for the rest of my life.  Have waited for this day and though it seemed like a thousand days, I will be ready to love even if it means in the next 1000 years.

In you I see my future, I have promised and will not get tired to tell you that I will be the best husband and father to our future kids. You are the dream girl I always dreamed about. 

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Religious Wedding Wishes

A good partner comes from the Lord. You are both good-hearted and you deserve to be in each other’s lives. A blessed wedding day to you

With God at the center of your union, your married life will bring lots of joy and contentment. Wish you a memorable wedding day my friend.

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May you have a happy married life and a joyful life journey together. I pray your plans will come to pass.

Let the love that brought you together keep you together even when you face the challenges of life. God bless your marriage

God preserved each of you so you would end up with a beautiful union. Today your marriage will be initiated in God’s presence. Have a very blessed union

The grace and love of Jesus are with you as you start your life as a couple. Never allow the love you have for each other to fade. God bless your marriage.

May your marriage have an unbreakable bond that nothing can break you apart. God bless you

Christian Wedding Wishes

As you have a new beginning today, may you guard your love for each other. Be ready to forgive and trust one another. Have a lovely union

Aim to stay in love, have fun once in a while and always spare the time to pray together. God be with you on this special day.

With your promises of devotion, love, and faithfulness your marriage is going to last till God’s intended time. Wish you a very happy marriage

Let the best moment you share be secrets that help you hold on y=to each other even when times become tough. Blessed union

Spiritual Wedding Quotes

In your marriage, the best way to witness the love of God is to love each other unconditionally.

It takes obedience to God’s word to have a godly marriage.

Always remember its God who instituted the first marriage, when you don’t know how to run your union, seek for Hid word

The best remedy to a happy marriage is love for God and each other.

It takes minutes to make vows, but a lifetime to fulfill the same vows.

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Christian Wedding Messages for Couples

Don’t be too spiritual and forget the importance of romance in your marriage.

God didn’t bring you together without a purpose for you to fulfill.

Just like the way Christ loves the church, so is the husband to love the wife at all times

Marriage means being ready to love someone even when the heart does not feel like doing so

A good marriage can still be built by two imperfect people.

Christian Wedding Wishes with Bible Verse

Wish you a prosperous marriage and always do everything in love {1 Corinthians 16:14}

Christian Wedding Wishes with Bible Verse

No marriage is perfect but above all, love each other deeply, because love covers a multitude of sins. {1 Peter 4:8}

Best wishes in your godly union. Keep in mind that Love is patient, love is kind. It does not envy, it does not boast, it is not proud. {1 Corinthians 13:4}

Today you have become one flesh. May what God has joined together never be separated {Matthew 19:6}

I pray for the success of your marriage. At all times Submit to one another out of reverence for Christ. [Ephesians 5:21}

It takes two people and Christ to build a good marriage. Be already to leave your father and mother and be united to become one flesh {Ephesians 5:31}

Conclusion: Wedding Messages to Couple

The above Christian Wishes for Newly Married Couple are unique and based on God’s word. You can comfortably write any of the messages on your Christina wedding card. Surprise your friend, brother, sister, niece, or nephew with the above Christian wedding greetings.