Engagement Wishes to Daughter

Engagement Wishes to Daughter: Are you anticipating that your daughter is soon expecting an engagement ring or has she just got engaged? The best wishes to congratulate her on the engagement should be heart-touching. A marriage proposal is an opportunity that should be celebrated so take the time and celebrate her.  Below are the best engagement congratulations quotes for your daughter or soon-to-be daughter-in-law.

Engagement Wishes from Mother to Daughter

1. I pray you will hold each other hand in all the ups and downs in your life. God bless you on your engagement.

2. May you bring more smiles to each other’s faces. I thank God that you ended up together.

3. As you plan to start your life together, may the Lord bless you in every step of your life.

4. It takes the hand of God to find a true soul mate. I trust your life together will be great. Wish you God’s blessing on your journey with your fiancé.

5. True love conquerors all. May your days and years ahead unveil the perfect plan of God in your life. God bless your engagement and lead to a happy marriage.

6. The special bond you shared couldn’t be hidden. God bless the plans you have to build a godly union.

Happy Engagement Wishes to Daughter and Son in Law

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Engagement Wishes for Daughter

1. Your friendship has blossomed well; I wish you the best. You deserve each other. Congrats on your engagement!

2. Congratulation my daughter on your engagement. You two will make a great couple.

3. It’s delightful to see you happy. Your journey wasn’t without challenges but you overcome them all. Congratulations my daughter.

Engagement Wishes From Parents

4. Cheers to the wonderful engagement you got. May you find happiness in each other. All the best darling daughter.

5. As a mother, I can only celebrate with you for the great step you have taken. Looking forward to better days.

6. You have made us proud parents; you will soon start building your own home. Congrats on your engagement

7. Congratulation on the new chapter you have started in your life. Cheers to many happy days.

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Engagement Wishes From Parents to daughter

1. I am so happy you choose to settle it down with your longtime friend. You have a lot to achieve together. Congratulation on your engagement my daughter.

2. My support and love will always be with you. Best wishes and congrats on your engagement.

3. Today is a special day and I chose to celebrate with you. We thank God for the far you have in your relationship.

4. We make plans but it takes the hand of God to bring everything to an accomplishment. May all your plans come to pass. Best engagement wishes from your mother

5. Love brings lots of warmth and laughter. I pray the same happy feeling will remain in your heart for the rest of your life. Cheers on your happy engagement my dear daughter

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Engagement Wishes for Daughter in Law

1. Best wishes to my favorite daughter-in-law-to-be. Congratulation on your happy engagement.

2. This year will forever be memorable, you have given us a reason to smile. Congratulation on your engagement my son and daughter.

3. Your future looks like it will be fun-filled and happy. You are an amazing couple. Congrats on your official engagement.

4. My daughter, I knew you and my son have what it takes to make each other happy. Congrats on your engagement!

5. Wishing you the best as you take an initiative to make plans for your life together.

6. Your friendship was outstanding; I know your future life with my son will also be outstanding.

Engagement Wishes from Mother to Daughter

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Friend Daughter Engagement Wishes

1. You have made your parents so proud. I know you will utilize all the good things they taught you as you look forward to building a home.

2. Your mum has great plans for you, she always wanted you to find happiness and today you look happy. Congrats girl on your engagement.

3. We are happy that you got engaged to your one true love and friend. Best wishes on your coming union.

4. Couldn’t help but wish you a wonderful married life ahead. I know you have taken the right step. Congratulations.

5. The joy in our hearts is great. Hope the wedding is coming soon. Unending blessings and wishes of you.

6. Happy engagement to you sweet girl. May your love for each other continue growing each day.

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Short Engagement Wishes for Daughter

1. Your engagement ring speaks a lot of the love from your fiancé. Congrats, dear!

Engagement Congratulations Quotes for Daughter

2. Finding true love is a journey, I am glad you walked the journey well. Congrats on your engagement.

3. So excited that my one and only daughter is engaged. Wish you a happy future.

4. Congratulations on your amazing and unexpected engagement!

5. I take the time and wish you all the happiness that will brighten your souls. Congrats.

6. Cheers, this is a new beginning for both of you. Lots of blessings to you.

7. Loads of wonderful wishes on your engagement! 

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Funny Engagement Wishes for Daughter

1. I’m so happy you and your funny boy found each other. Good luck daughter.

2. I can’t believe you are someone’s fiancée. Life has a way of changing us. Congrats my dear daughter.

3. Finally, my girl has gotten into someone’s bait. Cheers to a happy future for you.

4. Your engagement painted a picture of you leaving the house, I am so happy but am sure the sobbing will be real on your wedding day.

5. My one less serious baby girl is now serious about being a fiancée. Lol, you never cease to amaze me. I love you and congrats on your engagement.

6. Congrats on your engagement and for making me a soon mother-in-law-to-be.

Christian engagement wishes to daughter

Engagement Wishes to Daughter and Son in Law

1. I wish the love and friendship you share will find a special place in each other’s hearts. Happy engagement!

2. Never let the love you have in your heart be taken away by anything or anyone. Happy celebrations on your engagement.

3. Your engagement will lead to a happy marriage, cherish what you have now and forever. Best wishes to you my daughter and my son-in-law.

4. What a pleasant declaration! You make a lovely couple. May the two of you find true happiness as you start the journey that will lead to a life together.

5. I’m so excited for both of you. Life needs happier moments like your engagement. You will surely make a lovely couple.

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Conclusion: Engagement Wishes to Daughter

If you are looking for engagement wishes from mother to daughter, from parent to daughter, or from dad to daughter the above wishes will be of great help. Your congratulations messages to your daughter on her engagement will be a simple way to show her that you celebrate with her. You can send her a congratulatory engagement card with personalized messages or quotes. If your daughter is a Christian, the better option is Christian Engagement wishes. Ensure your message is also inspirational.