Short Opening Prayer for Worship Service

Short Opening Prayer for Worship Service: Worship services are meant to draw people to God.  Although our prayers are to be led by the Holy Spirit, at times, either of anxiety or fear, we are unable to talk to God. In this article, we have looked at short opening prayer for church service.

Short Opening Prayer for Worship Service

1. “Lord, we thank you for allowing us to gather before your presence. This worship service is only to glorify you. May you fill us with your Holy Spirit so we can be able to worship you in truth and in spirit. We honor you and praise your Holy name, as we sing of your wonderful deeds may you hear us.  In Jesus’ name, amen.”

2. “Our Father who is in heaven, we come before you to praise and worship you. You are the Kings of Kings, and we ask you to sanctify us. Let our sacrifice of worship be pleasing to you. Lead us into true worship that glorifies you. In Jesus’ name, we pray, amen.”

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3. “Holy Father in heaven, thank you for this worship service. We commit our hearts and minds to You so the words of our mouths can bring honor to You. Fill us with your Holy Spirit, as we draw close to You. We worship and adore You for you are the Alpha and Omega. Praise be to your name, now and forever more, amen.”

Short Opening Prayer for Sunday Service

1. “Our Might Father in heaven, may your name be worshipped and praised in this place today. Thank you for your Holy Presence and as we exalt you, may you inhabit in our praises. Thank you for assuring us that if we diligently seek you we will find you. You are worthy of our praise and as we raise our voice to worship you, hear us and answer our request according to your will.  Let Your presence fill this Sunday service. We ask this in Jesus’ name, amen.”

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Opening Prayer for Worship Service

1. “Thank you, Lord, for everyone who has come to this worship service. We have nothing good to offer you other than our worship and thanksgiving. We ask you to cleanse us so your presence can be among us. Search our hearts and set us free from the burdens and sins that weigh us down. Bless the team that has made the necessary arrangement for this meeting. We pray for the worship team, speakers, and everyone who is present here today. Let your grace surround us and bless us, amen.”

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2. “Lord, it is a joy to be in your presence. We are grateful for the opportunity to worship you. There are burden in our heart and we believe as we seek you shall give us rest. We commit this worship service to you. Forgive us of our sins and clothe us with the righteousness of our Lord Jesus so our worship can be acceptable to you. Be our guide so that we can only bring glory to your Holy name, amen.”

Conclusion: Short Opening Prayer for Worship Service

As you through the above prayer, you can ask the Holy Spirit to lead you so you can know how to pray in the right way as you begin your worship service