Short Prayer for Peace of Mind

Short prayer for peace of mind is meant to help you find God so that He can bring peace in your heart. You can simply pray during stress, depression or anxiety.

Nothing is impossible, so simply believe and let his Spirit guide you through this short prayer for peace of mind

Short Prayer for Peace of Mind

Thank you God for your grace
You reached to us through your Son so that we may peace
For you are a faithful God even when we are not
Please God give me peace of mind, heart and soul.

I know your plans in our lives is good
Help me overcome the pressures that come with life
That I may enjoy every breath that you have given me.

Guide me into a path that you intend me to follow
For by your grace nothing we face we cannot be able to overcome, for we are overcomers through our Lord Jesus Christ.
Let me not forget of everlasting love, that I may always find comfort in you.

Send you Spirit in my heart, so I may find the unspeakable joy.
Let you angels guide into path of safety in Jesus name I pray and believe Amen

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Short Prayer for Peace

Thank you Almighty father for another day granted to me.

A day when I am to live fully in you, but out of human weakness I often find myself being troubled.

My prayer today is that my feet may be securely planted in your word that I shall not be moved from your ways. I believe that your peace will only increase as walk daily in knowing you more through your word.

Through the blood of our Lord Jesus I am made whole, no longer to be a slave of fear or guilt or condemnation or even shame.

I am simply a child of God, bought with a price through the blood that Jesus shed on the Calvary.
I am confident that he who dwell in the secrets places of the Lord shall abide by the shadow of the most high. I am covered by the blood of Jesus and peace of God is with me.

Thank you God for answering my prayer, peace of mind will be with me now and forever more, Amen

Short Prayer for Peace of Mind during stress

Short Prayer for Peace of Mind during stress

Our Almighty God in heaven, hear my prayer this day
My mind and soul is troubled and stressed, I sometime do not understand my self or my moods

I need your help for your word has given us a promise to find peace that surpasses all understanding

You are everlasting and you know the end from the beginning,
Nothing goes on in my life without your knowledge, help me father make the right decisions. That I may find peace even when the storms are ranging,

I don’t want to carry burdens in my hearts. I open my heart to you Lord Jesus to shine your light and take away every burden that has been dwelling in my heart and weighing me down

I thank you God for the peace that I will experience now and forever. I fully believe in your word that is living and gives life to the lost, stressed and troubled soul.

No more shall I allow myself to be stressed, for your word says I am a conqueror through Christ Jesus
So help me find peace in my mind, heart and soul

For I ask this in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ Amen

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Short Prayer for Peace of Mind for a friend

Our father in heaven, may your name be praised forever
We were once lost and had no hope but through your love you gave your son Jesus Christ

He sticks close more than a friend and knows every joy and sorrows that goes on in our lives.
I come before you in humble request for my friend,

May you hear me today, not because I am perfect or righteous, but because of your grace and mercy

Lord grant peace of mind to my friend who is hurting right now
Your word says you even know the numbers of hair on our head, so I believe you know my friend more than anyone else in this word.

Kindly God, wipe away the tears in their eye and bring the joy that will make them smile again.
It my humble prayer through our Lord Jesus that all will be well and peace of mind will come to their heart, mind and soul. Amen

Short Prayer for Peace of Mind for someone worried

Everlasting God, I am grateful for the peace of mind, for that peace that stays and abides with us always.
Just like the way our Lord Jesus Christ was able to find peace in a boat that was in the midst of the storm, let me find peace in the midst of the storms that i face

Our savior Jesus left for us a helper, the Holy Spirit who gives us peace that is enduring.
I am not to worry or fear anything: for He who lives in me is great.

You are my anchor when the ranging storms come and I shall not be moved.
The devil is a father of lies who comes to steal my joy and peace. I let go and repent of lies I have believed and sins I have committed. O God of peace, Jehovah Shalom, grant me your peace for I know my future lies in your hands.
No weapon that is forged against me shall prosper for you are my rock and refuge.

You take care of the birds of the air and clothes flower with the best petals: how much more shall you take care of me, if only we believe and trust in you fully.

I let go of every worry and chose to believe in your word that gives peace that surpasses all human understanding.

This I ask and believe in the name of our Lord and savior Jesus Christ, Amen