Welcoming New Born Baby Quotes

Welcoming New Born Baby Quotes: Are you wondering what to say to a new parent or how to congratulate a new mother? The arrival of a newborn baby comes with much joy and today we have come up with the new baby congratulations messages.

As your family member or friend becomes a new parent we have made it easy for you to come up with the best messages to congratulate him or her.

Welcoming New Born Baby Quotes

1. The birth of each baby is unique and special. Welcome home, baby!

2. The arrival of a baby creates the priceless title of being called a mother or father. Welcome baby boy

3.  After nine months, a baby joyfully creates a new beginning for its parents. Lots of hugs for the new baby.

4. Babies are adorable, they ignite a love that is pure and unconditional. Much love the new baby boy.

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Welcoming New Born Baby Quotes

5. No amount of words can express the joy of seeing a new life. You are blessed beyond any measure.

6. Welcome to our world and family baby boy. After a remarkable journey of 42 weeks, you are home. Congratulations are in order for the newest mum and dad.

7. It incredible seeing a part of you in your newborn. You are blessed and congratulations.

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Welcome Quotes for New Born Baby Boy

1. Once a baby is born, the heart of the parents is filled with happiness that cannot be expressed. Welcome home baby boy

2. It is such an adventure to bring a child into this world. In the eyes of a child, parents see the world with a wonder. Welcome home baby boy!

3. The birth of your boy is just the beginning of your life experience of parenthood. All the best.

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4. A new baby smallest feet creates the biggest footprint in the parents heart. Welcome to the world baby boy!

5. After the long wait, a baby become a true gem in the family. Welcome little angel

6. Holding a newborn means wins the heart of parents that allows them to make lots of sacrifices to give the baby the best. Congratulation on the birth of your baby boy.

Quotes for New Baby Born

1. Welcome to our new world . You have given your dad and mum an unending full-time job.

2. You are a baby who will add a ray of sunshine to our world. Welcome, we are happy to have you!

3. The sweetness of a having a new baby is felt in the heart. Welcome home baby

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4. Even for a family that was complete, the arrival of a baby makes it more complete. Welcome home baby girl

5. The rooms in your heart is filled with more love when a baby is born.

6. Each new born fills a house with a little piece of heaven’s love. Welcome to our world baby

7. The sight of a baby will melt down even the toughest heart. Congratulations.

welcoming new baby quotes

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Welcome Status for New Born Baby Boy

1. Our little boy will bring much happiness to our life. We are ready to travel into the new journey of parenthood.

2. I am so grateful to God for seeing us through the nine months. May our little boy be blessed with good health and happiness.

3. Our new baby is in town already? Congratulations! We look forward to pamper him but not to the point of spoiling him.

4. Congratulation to us on the safe birth of our newborn. May we enjoy every moment of seeing him grow in good health.

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5. Here is to many years of enjoying motherhood. My first experience with him is joyful. Welcome home baby boy!

6. A better version of me is here, so glad to welcome him to the world.

7. Wow, the first time I looked at him, he looked like an angel wrapped in angelic wings. Welcome home baby boy

8. I have walked the journey of carrying him for months. I am so excited to see him today. Welcome, baby.

9. I may not promise much but I am ready to shower my new born boy with lots of love.

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10. With no doubt, you have touched my heart with true love. Look forward to being your mommy. Welcome

welcome new baby boy quotes

Congratulations Quotes for New Parents 

1. Cheers to the coolest new dad and mum! Hope you are ready to take your life lessons. Lessons that come only by raising a child yourself.

2. Congrats to the new parents, although we are loved by our parents it’s only until we become parents that we understand the power in their love.

3. The gift of motherhood is great. It’s a mother who first understands what a child wants even before they say a word.

4. Hope you are enjoying your newest title of a mum. You look adorable holding your baby boy.

5. Congratulations on the birth of your cute boy. Parenthood has chosen you and you now have another soul to take care of.

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6. You may not everything about babies but you have what it takes to become a good mum and dad. Wish you the best experience.

7. The same God who granted your baby boy, wonderful parents like you will also give him good health and strength he needs to face life with courage and love. Congratulation!

8. May the Lord bless you baby girl with all she needs to grow up and become better than both of her parents. Congratulations.

9. As new parents, you will face up and downs, but it’s the love you have for your baby that will keep you going. Cheers for the birth of your newborn.

congratulations quotes for new born baby

10. I wish you a calm and fun-filled parenting experience. Congrats!

11. Your baby is lucky to have you as her dad and mum. Heartfelt congratulations from me.

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Conclusion: Welcoming New Born Baby Quotes

There are many ways of welcoming a new baby into the family. All parents understand that having a child can sometimes be overwhelming more so for new parents. To help new parents transition to their new role you can send welcoming newborn baby quotes. If you are not sure what to say to new parents, you can try personalizing one of the two messages above. A simple congratulation message to a new parent on the birth of a son or daughter can be vital in assisting the new mom and dad filled relaxed and ready to take on the task of parenthood.