Christmas Love Messages

Christmas Love Messages: Christmas is special but somehow it is extra special for someone in love. If you are looking for the right messages to send that special person in your life you have come to the right page. We have complied the best Christmas messages for you. 

Christmas Love Messages for Girlfriend

Your love keeps me warm on this cold Christmas eve, Merriest Christmas to my love

It is wonderful to love somebody during Christmas, merry Christmas, love you

Merry Christmas my girl, as long as I have you my Christmas will be joyful.

You will always be my best Christmas gift. merry Christmas babe.

merry christmas my love

Once a year, I have a chance to decorate your heart with nice Christmas love. Lots of love for you this Christmas

It is a time to remember how God gave us the best, His son. I am also amazed He gave a gift to love and give the best

Christmas is special, it makes the simple I love sound heavenly

Deep inside my heart will always love you forever. Merry Christmas my love

Know this is true. You came to me and I see heaven when I see the peace you have brought in my life

Even when I am alone, I feel okay knowing I still have a chance to hold you again. Merry Christmas

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Christmas Love Messages for Boyfriend

My heart loves you so much, I hope you know that. Merry Christmas to your my boyfriend

Having you in my life is my greatest dream come true. Happiest Christmas to you

Thanks for giving me a reason to love you. Merry Christmas to the coolest boyfriend

I am lucky to have you, since you came into my life my world is brighter and better. Merry Christmas babe

Merry Christmas love, this season I feel more ready than ever to celebrate the special moments of this holiday season.

I can’t lie I am happy to have you; you are my Christmas dream come true. I wish you a superb Christmas

My heart is in love with you. Hope our love will grow each day. This Christmas may your dreams come true

This Christmas I can tell our love is burning brighter than ever before. Merry Christmas to the best boyfriend ever

With no doubt, your love for me is evident. I am happy to be in your life. Merry Christmas babe 

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Christmas Quotes for Boyfriend

Every memory of you makes me wish to be close to you. Merry Christmas

Where love is true people become better. I am happy you are the man I love, Merry Christmas to the incredible man in my life

merry christmas love messages

It is wonderful you are the love of my life. Merry Christmas

My search for the right man came to an end the moment you came into my life. Merry Christmas to the man I love

You are the man of my dreams. Your kindness and happy spirit are something I want to be associated with. Merry Christmas

I like the exciting feeling I experience every time I am with you. I can’t wait to see you again. Merry Christmas.

I hope this Christmas we will have the chance to create better memories. Wish you the best Christmas ever

Thanks for giving me your sincere and true love. I have a reason to smile. Merry Christmas

The joyful moments that you give me I have never found in any other place. I am lucky to have you. Merry Christmas.

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Christmas Card Message for Boyfriend

This Christmas I am excited to have an amazing boyfriend like you

Baby, you don’t know the feeling in my heart knowing that I have you to love. Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas! I am so sure that not even Santa would bring a better love than yours.

The value of a friend is very valuable and for me this Christmas you are the gift so dear and cherished. Merry Christmas

I don’t know how my world would be without you. Thanks for giving reasons to be hopeful for better days. Merry Christmas

This holiday season as I summarize the list of the blessing in my life, I am glad I will have your name in it Merry Christmas

christmas messages for my lover

It is I think of when I want to experience peace in my mind. You are my most cherished friend. Merry Christmas.

Every Christmas is happier since you’re a part of it, Love you, and Merry Christmas.

This festive season is more joyous and special since you are part of it, Cheer to memorable moments.

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Best Christmas Message for Boyfriend

Babe this year the time we had together and the memories we created are a clear confirmation of our love. Merry Christmas, my beloved man.

This Christmas as the snow is falling and I hold you as we sit around the fire is the moment I look forward to this Christmas. Merry Christmas my love

As a blessed Christmas day is yet with us again! I want you to know that another year with you has shown me you’re meant to be the man in my life.

You and I were meant to be together; I can always see that love you have for me, Merry Christmas my love.

With all my heart and soul, I wish you a merry Christmas. Cheers to love-filled days ahead. 

Funny Christmas Messages for Boyfriend

Funny Christmas Messages

You may not know it but your eyes look amazing every time you look at me. Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas my love, don’t fail to put on the beautiful attire that makes you look like my Santa.

This festive season Santa will not give any presents to any guys who know how to love perfectly, so don’t expect any. Merry Christmas

It is officially declared, that Christmas will be very cold for guys who will not give gifts to their girls. Have a warm Christmas day, won’t you?

Conclusion: Christmas Love Messages

Quotes have become part of our everyday life, that is why we have also collected a list of Christmas Quotes for Lovers. These quotes can be edited and forwarded to your husband, boyfriend, wife, or girlfriend. Take time and find the right messages that will ignite some love. Merry Christmas to you